The Fruit of Freedom

Read This: For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. Galatians 5:13

Think: When you think about freedom, what springs to mind? The American flag? A cookout by the pool? A bald eagle perched on an American flag while also at a cookout?

Regardless of what you think of, the concept of freedom is one that has been muted a bit over the years. To our ancestors and to the forefathers of this nation, the idea of freedom was this super vivid notion that meant about as much to them as something could mean to someone.

The idea of freedom defined their very existence and they thought nothing of sacrificing themselves in the pursuit of this ideal. Think about that. To us, the idea of freedom can sometimes feel like a bumper sticker. But to them? It was a life and death thing.

In Galatians, Paul talks about freedom. He speaks about it being an opportunity and how we shouldn’t use this opportunity exclusively on ourselves.

Isn’t it great how he intertwines the concept of freedom with the concept of opportunity? After all, opportunity is the fruit of freedom, in a sense, right? Because we are free, we have the ‘opportunity’ to do whatever we want, which is great. You can use it to play Candy Crush and watch Wheel of Fortune. Or, you can be more intentional with it.

But being intentional with freedom isn’t easy. The notion of freedom to us is so pervasive and assumed that we forget the great cost that was paid to achieve it, whether we’re talking about the price paid by our forefathers and great-grandfathers fighting wars to protect it or the price our Savior paid on the Cross.

The Bible is full of stories talking about the idea of freedom, but notice, they never stop there. Because it’s not about just becoming free. It’s about what you do with the gift of freedom.

This Independence Day, don’t let the idea of freedom be lost on you or relegated to just a word you see on bumper stickers. Embrace it! Cherish it! And do something with this opportunity of yours!

Ask: What does my freedom mean to me? What opportunities do I have because of it and what can I start doing with them?

Pray: Give thanks to God for freedom. Both in our lives and in our hearts. Thank him for the opportunity to be free and that his Son paid the ultimate price for our freedom on the Cross.

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