The Skinny on Worship Devotional

Read This: “Shout out praises to the Lord, all the earth! Worship the Lord with joy! Enter his presence with joyful singing! Acknowledge that the Lord is God! He made us and we belong to him; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give him thanks! Praise his name!” (Psalm 100:1-4)

Think: It’s amazing to me how many of us turn into American Idol judges when it comes to worship music. Everyone has an opinion—it’s too loud or it wasn’t loud enough, there should be more back-up singers or there shouldn’t be any, the lights should be on or off, and on and on the discussion goes.

Isn’t Satan clever to turn what was meant to be an offering to God into a source of conflict? I’ve known churches that have split over traditional verses contemporary worship. And you can understand why it’s such a big deal because the music style is a deciding factor for many when they’re church shopping. After all, how can you worship God to music you don’t like, right? Others believe the style of worship reflects how hip or theologically grounded a church is and the assumption is you can’t have it both ways.

We become such critics of the music that we forget this whole thing is really about God, not us. Worship is an offering of praise to the Lord. It’s what we were created to do. When we’re worshipping God we are in tune (no pun intended) to our core purpose as people created in his image. Worship is about the state of your heart, not the style of music. You can sing your heart out to your favorite worship band, but if your heart isn’t focused on God it’s meaningless.

God gave us the capability to compose many, many types of music all for one purpose—to bring glory to Him. It doesn’t matter if you like the songs because worship is about God. You can listen to whatever music you want 6 days and 23 hours a week. But when you step into God’s house, check your attitude. That music is not intended for you. Don’t grieve the Spirit with selfishness, but let him work in your heart to bring something beautiful to God despite your personal preferences.

Ask: It can be hard to maintain an attitude of worship when we really love the music or equally when it’s way off key and the speakers are screeching. How can you personally stay focused on the true purpose of worship?

Pray: Ask God to mature you as a believer so that you are prepared to worship him whenever and however the opportunity arises.

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