Top 10 Easter Monologues

Easter is a great time of the year to communicate Christ's sacrifice through storytelling using drama and skits. If you are an actor looking for a script that only requires one person, finding the right script can be a challenge. We have many Easter scripts on, but here is our list of what we would consider our best Easter monologue scripts. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

The rich young ruler expresses his frustration at the fact that Jesus offered eternal life to the thief hanging beside Him on the cross, when he himself had worked so hard to live a good life to earn salvation. He realizes that Jesus offered salvation to the man simply because he asked for it, not because he had done anything to earn it.

While helping his/her daughter hunt for Easter eggs, a dad/mom wonders how this tradition fits in to the holiday. This script is perfect for your Easter Sunday, or to encourage your congregation to reach out to someone who is searching during this time of Christian celebration. Includes a male and female version of the script.

An explanation of Easter.

Mary Magdalene shares the story of when she came to know Jesus, and tells about her front-row seat to the event that changed the course of eternity.

He was a Pharisee, but one that wanted to hear what Jesus had to say. Watch as Nicodemus retells the conversation with Christ that helped him focus on how less really could be more.

The risen Christ appears to his disciples, but Peter's joy is shadowed by guilt. Jesus' assurance of love and forgiveness comes with a command: pass it on!

Watch as Peter painfully recounts the events leading up to his darkest hour. Great video for Good Friday services. Includes music from video version.

He was a servant to the high priest and found himself on the wrong end of a sword. Listen as Malchus describes the events surrounding the Garden of Gethsemane.

Peter wrestles with his betrayal of Jesus. He knows that Jesus will forgive him, but can he forgive himself?

A Mom tries to keep up with the busyness of Easter to make it special for her family- dyeing eggs, an impulse Pinterest project, sewing her daughter's Easter dress. But once the worship music begins on Easter morning, all the busyness fades away.

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