Watching The Skit Guys Around the World

We continue to be blown away by how God is using our social media livestream show, Bedtime Bible Stories, to reach people around the world! When we started doing these videos in March 2020, we thought we'd just be doing them for a month or two while the world went into lockdown. Little did any of us know that those months would turn into nearly a year!

If you haven't watched Bedtime Bible Stories yet, you can check out all the episodes from our first two seasons, plus the newest episodes from season 3 over on sgTV (the part of our website designed for families and people who want something funny and meaningful to stream at home). Our friends at K-LOVE have partnered with us, so between our streams and the stream they host on their Facebook page, BBS has now been watched in nearly 60 countries!

Check out the map for an awesome visual on the reach of BBS. All the yellow countries are places we've heard from viewers!

If you want to catch Bedtime Bible Stories live, we're on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at 7:30pm central time. You can watch live on our Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter pages. You can catch it later on Instagram or on our sgTV page.

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