What Does it Mean to Be a Man of God?

Read This: Oh to be a man of God, nothing more, nothing less. / It’s not what I did or did not do / But why I did it…and for Who. (A Man of God by Jeffery Benward, Jeff Silvey.)

Think: That lyric is from the song Man of God and you’ll probably notice it in our newest Father’s Day video. It’s a great part of the chorus because it speaks to the paradox that is being a dad.

On the one hand, dads have a tough gig. Have you ever thought about all their responsibilities? Or what about the expectations we have for them? Caretaker. S’more Provider. Comforter. Killer of Bugs. Fixer. Mentor. Coach. Supporter. These are only a few of the roles we expect them to fill.

And yet, even with all the expectations and responsibilities, dads are often an easy target for jokes. Whether it’s them being unequipped to take care of kids, comically inept at relationships or just out of date with the current times, their importance and significance is often lost amid the stereotypes that have been perpetuated throughout culture.

But dads matter! No matter what you see on Everybody Loves Raymond or Home Improvement, this Fatherhood business isn’t for the faint of heart. And for anyone who might minimize it, just look at who they have to emulate: God, Himself! The ultimate Father. Those are some high standards to live up to. God’s perfect love and his infinite mercy and grace are the ultimate examples of a Father who loves his children unconditionally.

On the other hand though, the essence of being a dad is simple: seek to be a man of God. It isn’t about what dads do or don’t do, it’s about why they do things and for who. Again, a simple idea that becomes much more difficult when put into practice.

And doesn’t this idea extend beyond just dads though? Because just as dads seek to be men of God, so too should we strive for that same excellence regardless of the context and role we find ourselves in. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about what we do or don’t do. It’s about why we did things...and for who.

Ask: Who is someone in your life that clearly aspires to be a man or woman of God? Specifically, what do they do that inspires you? How can you incorporate that into your life?

Pray: Give thanks to God for your father and for the role he played in your life, regardless of how closely he resembled a Man of God. Thank God for being the ultimate Father and for loving you unconditionally and ask for help in imitating that capacity to love without condition.

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