Why Does A Church Need Drama?

Church needs drama. It’s true. Go ahead and take out drama from your church service. People will miss it. People will demand that they have drama. If your church doesn’t have drama on stage, chances are there is plenty of it happening in some committee meeting. But drama and “the arts”, as some call it, is a great way to communicate the life changing Gospel of Christ. So if you are looking to add some drama to help reach and teach people, grab some resources from the Skit Guys site and get busy. Here is why drama should be used in a church setting:

  1. It can communicate to some people what a sermon never can.
    Some people just relate better to seeing something acted out. Some people have ADHD and by the time the sermon comes, they have counted the ceiling tiles, then colored in the bulletin, and then back to the ceiling tiles all while playing Angry Birds on their smart phone. (Can anyone help me get past level 3.6? It is tough.) They may never be reached through a sermon but the drama grabs their attention. Don’t blame your pastor, some people just relate better to a drama or video.
  2. Drama can open up hearts so that people can hear.
    I have always believed that making people laugh or think can be a great way for the words of Christ to enter into hearts. A good drama can make a person relax and let his or her guard down. When that happens, God’s truth can enter and change can happen. Humor is a great way to help set the stage for allowing God to move. Jesus used lots of stories to communicate His message.
  3. Drama uses the gifts of the people in your church
    I can’t dance. I can’t sing. But I can act (kinda). God has given me the talent and ability to get in front of people and to act a fool. So I use those gifts so that Christ may be honored and glorified. And the cool thing is this: no matter the size of your church, there are people who have the gift of communication. Using drama allows them to be used for Kingdom Work.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some sketches, find some actors, and get ready to communicate a much-needed message. Can’t find the right script? Need some actors? You could always hire Hurt and Manley. Add some good kind of drama to church today!

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