Celebrate Recovery: Conversations with My Sponsor DVD Image

Celebrate Recovery: Conversations with My Sponsor

8 Scenes Based on the Principles of CR

The Skit Guys have created a resource to support your Celebrate Recovery group as you teach through the 8 principles. Each video shows a scene between a person and his or her mentor, talking through a life experience that ties into one of the principles.

Use the individual videos as an introduction to the principle, or show it in the middle of your lesson to help illustrate the message. On this DVD you’ll find these eight videos (including HD digital downloads):

Principle 1: I Am Powerless
Principle 2: I Matter to God
Principle 3: Choose to Commit
Principle 4: Examine and Confess
Principle 5: Submit to Change
Principle 6: Evaluate Relationships
Principle 7: Daily Time with God
Principle 8: Go and Tell