Laugh More! DVD Image

Laugh More!

Warning: Severe Laughing Hazard"

Before you sit down to watch this DVD, make sure you know who to contact in case of an emergency*. The Skit Guys, Tommy and Eddie, have packed this DVD with skits that will make you chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw, and laugh more.

*Possible side effects include: increase in laugh lines, a feeling of lightheartedness, overall feelings of elation, and stomach cramps. If these symptoms persist, we've done our job.

Skits Include:

  • Good vs. Great
  • God's Chisel: Abridged
  • Demon Dan and Stevie Stevenson in Running the Race
  • Heart Department
  • You Are God's Idea
  • Deer Lord
  • Bean Boozled
  • Ask Tommy and Eddie: Did Jesus Eat Ice Cream?
  • Ask Tommy and Eddie: Finale
  • Bonus: Brand New Blooper Reel

DVD Exclusive: Tommy and Eddie in Arcade Adventure!

Run Time: 93 minutes