Skit Training 101



For 20 years The Skit Guys have been writing and performing skits that communicate a message and keep audiences laughing. They've been at it long enough to know what works-- and what doesn't. Now they're using their experience and expertise as your "drama coach-in-a-box" to help you create the kind of drama you really want. As Tommy and Eddie teach you how to create and perform effective skits, they'll also point you to resources on the DVD-Rom you can print out and use with your team. Skit Training 101 will give you the tools to:

  • Start a drama group and equip them to run with it
  • Write your own scripts
  • Make previously published scripts better
  • Memorize scripts with ease
  • Coach your actors, and much more!

Start building your drama team today. With Skit Training 101 there are no more excuses to get started! Who knows?you may have the next Skit Guys (or Skit Girls) right in front of you!

Run Time: 54 minutes

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