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Skit Guys Podcast 36 - Antagonized with Ropers

Posted on Mar 16, 2011
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Join Tommy & Eddie as they discuss and argue about tv shows, secrets, & viewer mail. Caution: Tommy was in a bad mood...or was it Eddie? You decide!

Skit Guys Podcast 35 - So You Wanna Be A Skit Guy or Girl

Posted on Mar 2, 2011
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CAUTION! This is not your normal podcast. In this informative and possibly boring podcast, Tommy & Eddie take the time to answer questions they get about how they became Skit Guys and give advice to people who want to travel and do skits for a living. You've been warned! ;)

Skit Guys Podcast 34 - Temporary Home

Posted on Jan 26, 2011
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Tommy & Eddie premier the "New Release Wednesday" song, debate the pronunciation of words, answer some podience e-mail, and do a Carrie Underwood tune!

Skit Guys Podcast 33 - Christmas Carroll

Posted on Dec 23, 2010
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In this HOUR LONG Christmas special, Tommy & Eddie are visited by three ghosts and one grhost that are seeking to help them keep Christmas in their podcast.

Skit Guys Podcast 32 - Thanksgiving Mix Tape

Posted on Nov 17, 2010
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Tommy & Eddie have made you a "mix tape" to try and make up for being gone so long. Listen to it while traveling to your Thanksgiving destination and have a "Happy Nature Fun Time"!

Skit Guys Podcast 31 - Wouldn't It Be Crazy If...

Posted on Sep 28, 2010
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Tommy & Eddie wax poetically about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Oh, who are we kidding, they talk about TV shows, achieving your dreams, and Eddie turning 40.

Skit Guys Podcast 30 - To The Moon Alice!

Posted on Jul 27, 2010
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Join the guys as they talk about comedy: the science behind it, the people that make them laugh, and a trip to the moon!

Skit Guys Podcast 29 - Welcome Back Kotter

Posted on Jun 30, 2010
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Their Back! Finally after a two month hiatus, Tommy & Eddie return to dig deep in their souls and find more meaningless things to discuss. Join the guys as they make up reasons why they hadn't done a podcast over the past two months, take a few phone calls, and answer podience mail.

Skit Guys Podcast 28 - Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Posted on Mar 31, 2010
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Tommy fools Eddie into thinking that what they are recording is actually a rehearsal and not the real thing. In this "extended length" podcast, the guys answer e-mails, talk about movies, and share what God is teaching them.

Skit Guys Podcast 27 - Love Letters on Rabbit Trails

Posted on Feb 10, 2010
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Join Ed and Tommy as they read e-mails from podience members that lead them down several different rabbit trails.

Skit Guys Podcast 26 - Pants On The Ground!

Posted on Jan 27, 2010
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It's a new year with new dreams, new goal, and new opportunities for Eddie & Tommy to talk about stuff! Join the guys as they talk about their goals, reflect on the past decade and share plans for a new colony on the moon!

Skit Guys Podcast 25 - Christmas Extravaganza!

Posted on Dec 21, 2009
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Join Ed & Tommy as they celebrate Christmas live at Rockefeller Center with Tom Brokaw, Alec Baldwin, Stevie & Danny, David Crowder, Bob Dylan, and many more!

Skit Guys Podcast 24 - Doing Life Together

Posted on Nov 23, 2009
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Join the guys as they take some time to be "a little" more serious and discuss doing life a special phone call...a visit from Alec...random discussions...oh yea, and TV shows.

Skit Guys Podcast 23 - Year 2035: Squirrels, pico and the "incident"

Posted on Oct 21, 2009
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Take a trip with the guys to the year 2035. "Future Thomas & Edgar" do a podcast for their one remaining podience member.

Skit Guys Podcast 22 - European Tuna

Posted on Sep 29, 2009
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In this random and somewhat bizarre podcast, Tommy and Eddie talk about nothing for 30 minutes and then have a conversation with their first stalker. If time is of the utmost importance to you, then by all means do spend an hour listening to this!

Skit Guys Podcast 21 - On The Go!

Posted on Aug 25, 2009
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Eddie and Tommy do a podcast "on the go"! Join them as they drive around a small Georgia town telling stories and making up different characters they think might live and work there. They answer PODIENCE MAIL and wax rhapsodic on relationships.