Footballs and Superpowers

Work etiquette and comic books come into play in this episode of Ask Tommy & Eddie. See if the guys can handle the questions (especially when they're physically bombarded by one of them).

Rich and Famous

What would Tommy and Eddie do with an infinite amount of money? But even more importantly...what happens when Eddie hires a new intern without telling anyone?!

We Disagree

Tommy & Eddie have been best friends since high school, which means they've had a LOT of disagreements in their friendship. Find out the secret to how they handle those moments. Maybe.

Tough Questions

When two different Sarahs ask Tommy & Eddie some tough questions, the guys really get into the answers with the help of a table, chattering teeth, and a hammer.

Cowboys and Hardwood

Find out if love is in the air between the intern and Drum Guy Matt, and also learn Tommy & Eddie's answers to questions from two fans.

On a Cass-a-roll

Drum Guy Matt returns and is still smitten with the intern. Does she feel the same? Oh, and the guys answer a question about church potluck casseroles.

Let's Get Away

Drum Guy Matt joins the guys to add some beats (and some emotion) to the show. In this episode, Tommy & Eddie answer an important question about vacations.

Little Drummer Swan

In preparation for Christmas, Tommy & Eddie answer an important question. There may even be some singing involved.

What Do Ya Know?

Ever wonder what kinds of interesting facts the guys know? Tommy and Eddie take a stab at some challenging questions in this episode.

Movie + Friendship Magic

This episode is full of questions all about movies and friendship. You might be surprised what you learn about Tommy and Eddie (and their upcoming movie) in this one!

The Most Tubular Time

Flash back to the 80s with the guys as they talk about what awesome things they'd bring back from the most tubular decade of all time!

The Numbers of Tommy & Eddie

If you've ever heard of the Enneagram and wondered what numbers Tommy and Eddie are, you're in luck! If you've never heard of the Enneagram, you might learn something in this episode!

24 + Animals

Hold onto your seats, folks! This is a two-question episode, and both questions get Tommy pretty fired up!

Making Stuff for God

When an aspiring filmmaker and photographer have questions for Tommy and Eddie, they've got answers. Even slate-guy Blake has something to say.

Is It Worthy?

What makes a skit worthy enough to become a Skit Guys skit? Larry wants to know, and Dr. Eddie and plaid-wearing Tommy have some ideas.

Favourites + Couraged

Chip chip, cheerio! Someone from the UK wants to know what Tommy & Eddie's favourite skits are. And the guys offer Tiffany a little couraged to counteract her feeling discouraged.

A Hindrance-y Helper

What happens when you've got a volunteer who really isn't much help? Tommy and Eddie have some great(?) advice for Darby.

Road Snacks

Ever wonder what Tommy & Eddie like to eat when they're on the road. As usual, the guys are happy to talk about food as they answer this question from a fan!

Plaid Accusations

Laura has an important fashion-related question for Tommy, but he does not want to answer it.

Jokes & Drama

Hold onto your seats, folks! Tommy & Eddie are answering TWO questions in this episode! See how well they handle a dad joke contest, and what they say about youth ministry drama.

Not-So-Great Bosses

Laurie wants to know how to handle a boss that isn't very effectual. After determining what that actually means, the guys attempt to provide Laurie with some advice, which may or may not be helpful.

Running & Muscles

MooseCommander aspires to be a runner and thinks maybe Tommy and Eddie have some tips. The guys are pretty tough, but do they have what it takes to answer this question?