Bedtime Bible Stories S2E32: King of Kings

As they bring back some 90s cartoon icons, Tommy and Eddie remind us that we serve the King of kings, and we can trust that God is always leading us.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E37: Thanksgiving

Tommy and Eddie talk about what it looks like to be thankful and share some hilarious Thanksgiving videos.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E36: Dreams

Tommy and Eddie introduce two brand new characters in this episode as they talk about Solomon, wisdom, and dreams.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E35: Mighty God

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie bring two favorite characters in to remind us that there's nothing too big for God to do in our lives.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E34: Oh My Achan Back

Anna suggests tonight's story and characters, so Tommy and Eddie share the story of Achan who had taken something that wasn't his.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E33: Good Fruit

A visit to an unusual orchard in tonight's story helps Tommy and Eddie explain what it means to produce good fruit in our lives.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E31: Let Go

Tommy and Eddie look at Matthew 5:4 and a couple airline pilots demonstrate what it looks like when you hold onto things and don't let go.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E30: Trick or Treat

Zeb and Zach trick and treat each other, and Tommy and Eddie remind us that God will never trick us.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E29: Go Fish

Tonight, Tommy and Eddie bring Andrew and Bart in to help tell the story of when Jesus called Peter and Andrew to become fishers of men.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E28: Pray without Ceasing

Watch as Tommy and Eddie demonstrate some not-so-great ways to pray as they remind us to be joyful in everything and pray without ceasing.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E27: Tower of Babel

Tonight, Tommy and Eddie retell the story of the tower of Babel. Their hilarious characters will have you laughing as you learn about pride and what it looks like when we don't think we need God.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E26: Don't Worry

As they look at Matthew 6, Tommy and Eddie have Grandma and Grandson help explain why we don't need to worry about anything.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E25: Creative Idea

Tommy and Eddie share the story of how some friends got a creative idea to lower their friend through a roof to be healed by Jesus, and challenge you to get creative showing Jesus to others.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E24: Say "Yes" to Jesus

As Tommy and Eddie look at the story of Jesus calling Matthew to follow Him, you get to see Matthew interviewed about the experience when he said, "Yes!"

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E23: Be-attitude: Humble

Tonight, Tommy and Eddie look at the first of the beatitudes from Matthew 5 and demonstrate what humility and trusting God looks like.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E22: Salt and Light

Mr. Drummond tries to teach Little Billy a new song about how to share Jesus with the world, but Little Billy takes it too literally.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E21: Pharaoh

Tommy and Eddie share the story of Pharoah's stubborn refusal to let God's people go, reminding us we should always guard ourselves against a hard-heart.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E20: Blind Mud

Tommy and Eddie imagine the disciples' reaction when they watch Jesus heal a blind man--who they falsely assumed was blind because of his own sin--with a mud pie.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E19: I'm Sorry

Tommy and Eddie demonstrate what it looks like to tell someone "I'm sorry," and ask for forgiveness, and what it looks like to forgive someone.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E18: Gideon

Tommy and Eddie share a story from Judges 6 tonight. The parking ministry angel visits Gideon, shows some amazing signs to Gideon, and reminds him that God is constant and is going to be with him.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E17: The Good Shepherd

Tommy and Eddie demonstrate the good shepherd who went after the one lost sheep and look at Psalm 23.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E16: Fear Not

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie look at Isaiah 61:10. Their skit will remind you that you don't need to be afraid, because God is bigger than the booger monster.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E15: Manna for Today

Tonight the guys are joined by their friend, the fantastic illusionist John Michael Hinton. John helps Tommy and Eddie tell the story from Exodus 16 about God providing manna every day to the people in the wilderness.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E14: Woman at the Well

Two of the disciples tell a story as they try to interpret what's being said between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Tommy and Eddie explain what it means to be a cold drink of water for someone.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E13: The Daniel Diet

Tommy and Eddie let Shadrach and Meshach tell the story from Daniel 1. They share why it helps to follow God's plan (and what they call Daniel's Diet) and work out your spiritual muscles.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E12: Temptation

Watch Tommy and Eddie reenact the story from Matthew when the devil tries to tempt Jesus in the wilderness. You'll think about the temptations in your life and be challenged to resist them.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E11: Abraham & Sarah

When Sarah laughed at God's plan for her to have a baby in old age, she probably didn't laugh as hard as you will when Tommy and Eddie reenact this Old Testament story.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E10: The Greatest

Tommy and Eddie present the greatest game show ever as they look at 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E9: Ebenezer

Zeb and Zack help Tommy and Eddie explain what an ebenezer is, and remind us that God has always been there to help us.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E8: The Persistent Widow

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie bring back Grandma and Grandson to demonstrate the story of the persistent widow from Luke 18. They'll remind you to continue to ask God for what you need.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E7: The Golden Rule

A new (and unique) character joins Tommy tonight, and they attempt to explain "the golden rule" from Matthew 7:12.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E6: Abraham & Isaac

As Tommy and Eddie tell the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22, you'll laugh as you learn about God's special delivery.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E5: John the Baptist

Tommy and Eddie present Little Billy and Mr. Drummond to tell a story. It's not a story about denominations, but about how John the Baptist was working to prepare the way for Jesus.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E4: Anything is Possible

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie bring Philip and Bartholomew to tell the story of Jesus healing a boy, reminding us that anything is possible with God.

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E3: The Little Children

Watch as Tommy and Eddie reenact the story from Luke 18:15-17 as a grandma and grandson. You'll be reminded that Jesus came to earth because nothing is as important to God as His children, including you!

Bedtime Bible Stories S2E2: Cain & Abel

Tonight, Tommy and Eddie bring brothers Cain and Abel to life as they share the story from Genesis 4. The guys challenge people to give God their best.

Jesus & Nicodemus

In the kickoff to season 2 of Bedtime Bible Stories, Tommy and Eddie reenact the story of Jesus and Nicodemus from John 3 and explore what it means to be born again.