Bedtime Bible Stories S3E1: Heart

Join Tommy and Eddie for tonight's story, where they have Bart and Andrew help them understand the heart of Jesus' message when He boils everything down to one simple commandment.

Bedtime Bible Stories: Honoring a Dear Friend

This episode of Bedtime Bible Stories will look different. We want to honor the life of a dear friend, John Baker, the founder of Celebrate Recovery, and celebrate his legacy. Instead of a live Bedtime Bible Story, we’re sharing a recorded skit we did in front of a live Celebrate Recovery audience. There will be laughter, and it'll still be kid-friendly. We just wanted to let you know that it will look different than usual.

Bedtime Bible Stories: Peace in Jesus

This is a radical episode, and Tommy and Eddie will share the most excellent story from John 14:27 of Jesus giving peace to His disciples.

Bedtime Bible Stories: God Looks Inside

Tommy and Eddie get creative to tell the story of Samuel anointing one of Jesse's sons to be the next king and remind us that God looks at our hearts.

Bedtime Bible Stories: Reach for Him

In this episode, the disciples Bart and Andrew help Tommy and Eddie tell the story of the woman who reached for Jesus and was healed.

Bedtime Bible Stories: Love One Another

For this special Valentine's Day episode, Tommy and Eddie talk about 1 John 4:7-11 and invite middle schoolers Stevie and Danny be part of the show.

Bedtime Bible Stories: Try Your Best

Tommy and Eddie portray Eutychus and Greg from Acts 20:7-12, who try their best to stay awake listening to Paul (who has been preaching for a long time!).

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E9: Share Your Blessing

As Tommy and Eddie look at Proverbs 3:9, they invite Grandma and Grandson to help explain how to tithe, which means give back to God and share the money you're blessed with to bless others.

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E8: Talk to God

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie show how easy it is to pray. They remind us that prayer is just talking to God, and it's so easy, even kids can do it!

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E7: Memorize That!

Tommy and Eddie will demonstrate the importance of memorizing scripture as they look at Psalm 119:11.

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E6: Be Creative

Imagine if the sun and moon talked to each other about God's creativity. You won't have to imagine anymore after you see Tommy and Eddie in this episode!

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E5: Bad Way to Witness

Tommy and Eddie help explain 1 Peter 3:15 as they demonstrate a bad way to share your faith with others.

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E4: Soul

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie invite a sensational pair of siblings to help explain about the soul...the eternal part of who you are.

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E3: Strength

Tommy and Eddie invite Hanz and Franz to help talk about strength as they continue looking at Mark 12:30.

Bedtime Bible Stories S3E2: Mind

A scientist will study the mind of everyone's favorite teenage geek, Stevie, in this episode. Tommy and Eddie want to help you learn what happens with everything that enters your mind.