Bedtime Bible Stories: Wise Men Seek Him

Tommy and Eddie kick off the Christmas season with an episode that focuses on the wise men. They also offer a fun idea for your nativity scene!

Bedtime Bible Stories: The Gift

In this Christmas Eve episode, Tommy and Eddie talk about the gift of Jesus, who is too wonderful for words. Grandma and Grandson have a Zoom call about special gifts.

Bedtime Bible Stories: The Good News

Mr. Drummond tries to teach Little Billy the story from Luke 2:1-7, where Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to be counted in the census. As they talk about the birth of Jesus, they sing some Christmas songs.

Bedtime Bible Stories: Share Like Shepherds

Imagine being one of the shepherds who was visited by an angel announcing the arrival of the Savior! In this episode, Tommy and Eddie share the story from Luke 2:8-16 in a unique way.