Episode 05

You’ll be belly laughing as you watch Cops 1 and Cops 2 before the guys take a more serious turn in Graduation: Your Story, which celebrates this big milestone in life. Then laugh some more with The Skinny on Worship and Mr. Accountability.

Episode 12 - Christmas Special

It’s time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In this episode, you’ll laugh, you’ll think about Jesus, and you might even be moved to tears as you look at Christmas through a different lens.

Episode 11 - Thanksgiving Special

Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving! Eight videos are packed into this cornucopia of an episode, some that will make you laugh and some that will make you reflect on what you’re thankful for in your life.

Episode 10 - Halloween Special

It’s another Halloween special, featuring the lighthearted Booger Monster, performed live, and the mockumentary, Sceva House. Remember, Sceva House is completely fictional!

Episode 09

It’s a special episode all about love. Laugh at the commercial Tommy and Eddie made for a Southwest Airlines contest (a LONG time ago), then enjoy the rest of the love-themed videos: Love Words, All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day, The Don’t Song, and Romantically Challenged.

Episode 08

This episode is all about discipleship. Let Your Light Shine shows Eddie learning what it means to show Jesus to others. Then, learn from two parables with Rich Young Ruler and The Prodigal. Finally, think about what you do when nobody is watching as you watch Walk the Talk.

Episode 07

Meet Stevie and Danny, two awkward teenagers who give a great example of what not to do in Stevie & Danny: Excessiveness. Then shift to a couple videos to celebrate moms. Finally, listen to Eddie talk about how to handle life and trust God in Cards You’ve Been Dealt.

Episode 06

This is the Easter episode of season 2. Watch Easter Invite and Rabbit and Resurrection before looking more closely at what Easter and Jesus’ sacrifice means for us in Some Chose, Some Did Not, and The Birdcage.

Episode 04

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie bring you the hilarious mockumentary, Never Runners, and a deep look at The Skinny on Tithing before taking you a little deeper looking at what Jesus has done for us in the videos The Interrogation and The Verdict.

Episode 03

Let’s start at the very beginning, with Tommy and Eddie in a live performance of the hilarious Adam and Eve. Then the guys give you the Skinny on Fasting and make you think about evangelism (and how NOT to do it) in Hell Over Coffee.

Episode 02

Tommy and Eddie bring the story of Joseph to life in a live performance that’ll have you rolling! Remembering that God is with us, no matter what we’re going through, watch The Mourning Booth, The Skinny on Prayer, and What is God’s Will? to be challenged and inspired (oh, and to laugh!).

Episode 01

Stevie Stevenson and Coach Dan D. Lewis kick off this episode with a lesson in Bull’s Eye Living. Then you’ll get the real scoop on Scripture in Skinny on the Bible. Finally, Tommy and Eddie take a look at David’s honest prayer to God about transformation in a live performance of Psalm 139.