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Clarity Comes with Hindsight: Learning to Trust in God

Posted on Apr 9, 2014

Clarity comes with hindsight. Jesus’ disciples, followers, and even his own mother didn’t understand how God’s plan of salvation was going to play out. How would he establish his kingdom? They believed his message and believed he was the Son of God, but were sometimes confused by his actions and teaching.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 17: "Star Trek v. Star Wars"

Posted on Apr 7, 2014

Episode 17: Tommy and Eddie answer two of the most important questions we have ever had: what is the meaning of life and which is better Star Trek or Star Wars.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 16: "Yetis on a plane!"

Posted on Mar 20, 2014

Episode 16: Tommy and Eddie discuss time management skills, their encounters with a yeti on a plane, what kind of movies to watch and why God lets bad things happen to good people. We also show the intern's face!!!.... okay, not really, but she's still here and still mean Tommy and Eddie.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 15: "Dairy Makes Me Scary"

Posted on Mar 19, 2014

Episode 15: Tommy has too much dairy before the shoot which sends them into a catastrophic chain of events including, but not limited to a mysterious sound of someone falling down stairs, Eddie singing his favorite song and the death of animals. J.J. Abrams tries to hire Tommy for his new movie and the intern brings a knife to the set... Like we said, scary...

3 Tips to Avoid the Inability To Spring Forward On The Right Day

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

Daylight Savings Time is a tricky thing so here are 3 tips to follow to avoid the Inability To Spring Forward On The Right Day

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 14: "The K.I.S.S. Method"

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

Episode 14: Tommy and Eddie discuss how to split time between God & Irish dancing, Eddie gets three new toupees, the show becomes extremely over-produced, and a special guest appearance from the famous rock band KISS!

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 13: "Granny's Dating Advice"

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

Episode 13: Tommy and Eddie book a gig in Hawaii, get some advice from Granny on dating, demonstrate the easiest way to ditch your stalker guy, and address the issue of bullying. Did we mention Hawaii?

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 12: "Did Jesus Eat Ice Cream?"

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

Episode 12: Tommy and Eddie discuss the existence of ice cream's circa 200 BC, the intern becomes even more cruel (even possible?), Billy Graham says animals can be in heaven and Tommy finds a new best friend.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 11: "The Poop Guys"

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Episode 11: Tommy and Eddie address whether or not Jesus ate ice cream, their new swedish alias, "The Poop Guys," and how to say no to peer pressure.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 10: "The Zombie Apocalypse"

Posted on Jan 29, 2014

Episode 10: Tommy and Eddie confront the imminent zombie apocalypse head on, and also talk about inbreeding and chasing your dreams. Pulling no punches, folks. Pulling no punches.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 9: "Cody Steals The Intern's Job"

Posted on Jan 22, 2014

Episode 9: Cody kicks the intern to the curb and delivers a stunning card hand-off performance that could send Ask Tommy & Eddie into official Emmy Award Nomination. Tommy and Eddie also answer some questions.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 8: "The Super Fan"

Posted on Jan 15, 2014

Episode 8: Tommy and Eddie look at a new Comments segment as well as bring on Cody, a commenter and Super Fan.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 7: "Christmas, Dating, & Doubt"

Posted on Dec 25, 2013

Episode 7: Tommy and Eddie spend their Christmas helping the youth of America with their dating problems.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 6: "Tommy Steals Eddie's Girlfriend"

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Episode 6: Hear the timeless tale of how Tommy and Eddie met... The day that Tommy stole Eddie's girlfriend.

Ask Tommy & Eddie - Ep. 5: "How to Punch Weirdos"

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

Episode 5: Things are getting pretty violent. Tommy and Eddie give advice on dealing with weirdos, Satin, and APA formatting for research papers.

Christmas Monologue Scripts for Women

Posted on Dec 17, 2013

Although we're The Skit GUYS, we know there are women actors out there too. Here is our list of our best Christmas monologue scripts for women to perform.