Programming Christmas 2020

Hey pastors, we know your Christmas services may look a lot different this year. Let us encourage you and point you toward some ideas and resources to help make your Christmas services a win for you and your congregation!

Check out some of our Christmas bundles below. When you purchase a series of beautifully-produced, heartfelt videos, you can use them in several services throughout December or use combine of them to to create an inspirational Christmas Eve service that doesn't demand much from you and your team to pull off.

Scripts to Perform

Here are some scripts designed to be performed over Zoom, pre-recorded on video, or in a socially distanced way.

As a group recaps the struggles of 2020, we are reminded that in the quiet of Christmas Eve we can find the wonder of Christmas. Designed to be performed socially distanced.

The Finding Advent Series consists of a series of five scripts: "Finding Grace (When Everything Seems Shut Down and Cancelled)" "Finding Joy (When It Seems to Have Disappeared)" "Finding Love (By Fueling Your Heart With Thanks)" "Finding Peace (By Turning Off Your Phone)" "Finding Hope (Like a Ten Dollar Bill When You Need It)". Written so that they can performed as monologues on stage, filmed for your online service, or as dramatic readings if you’re doing church via Zoom, these scripts will help your church find the GRACE, JOY, LOVE, PEACE and HOPE that are at the heart of the Christmas story all over again this year!

This script is perfect for young children to perform a short Christmas play. Simply telling the story of Christ’s birth as outlined in the Gospels, this requires little to no practice. This script would also work for a Sunday school class or a short children’s sermon.

skitguys video
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