The Glory Of Christmas: Series Bundle

By The Skit Guys | License of Use | Includes Streaming Rights
Bring laughter and levity to the celebration of Jesus' birth this Christmas with this mockumentary-style video series. This is the story of a rag-tag bunch of church members who set out to perform a Christmas play, and the director who tried his hardest to just keep it all together. Get a closer look inside the lives of the director and the actors playing Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, and a wise man. Each actor feels they're ill-equipped to portray their assigned characters, reminding us that those who were part of the original Christmas story were flawed people, just like the rest of us. Ultimately, audiences are reminded of the miraculous glory of Christmas.
Versions with closed caption included

What's Included?

  • 5 Mini Movies

    Includes 5 downloadable videos for Mary, Joseph, The Shepherd, The Wise Man, and Joel the Director.

  • 6 Scripts

    Incldues PDF scripts for Mary, Joseph, The Shepherd, The Wise Man, and Joel the Director that you can use to perform yourself. Also included is a full-length stage play version.

  • Sermon Outlines & Slides

    Sermon outlines are provide for each of the 5 mini movies along with slides to use during your sermon.

  • How-To Guide

    We have written a guide that gives you some ideas on how to use The Glory Of Christmas for your church.

  • Worship Media

    This series includes motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, and a countdown video to use during your worship service.

  • Artwork

    Includes the digital files for the artwork that you can use to create posters, postcards, door hangers bulletin inserts and more.

  • Music

    If you are performing The Glory Of Christmas live, we have also included MP3 files of the same background music used in the videos.