• Booger Monster
  • Running the Race
  • Good vs Great
  • Don't Waste Your Life
  • What Keeps You From Following God (new & revised)
  • Beenie Weenies (new & revised)

Bonus Content: (What's So Funny)

  • Poop Sign Language
  • Don't You Die On Me: A Tragic Scene from "Be Different"
  • The Heart Department
  • Grace, We Just Don't Get It
  • We Are But Dust
  • A Word from Our Sponsors

Get your copy of Laugh! It’s better than actually taking The Skit Guys home. Tommy leaves his socks all over the floor.

Run Time: 120 minutes


The favorite thing for my family to do is to sit down as a family (all 10 of us) and watch a movie together on the couch... so maybe the couch and the floor :) My parents bought me "Laugh" for me for Christmas and we all watched it together. It was one of the most memorable moments as my dad started to laugh so hard on "Booger Monster" that he knocked my mom of the couch! Thank you so much for making the look of surprise on my moms face possible! Oh, Tommy- in our family we never had cable and even though I wanted it as a kid, I appreciate now not having it and learning how to do other things like read... and watch skit guys... and put together my own skits with my brothers! Keep up the good work, the "ad-libbing", and the "little girl laughs"! Most of all, keep up the heart for God that comes through in all your skits! -Rebbekah H

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