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  • You Can’t Have Easter Without…

    New! You Can’t Have Easter Without…

    The many beloved trappings and traditions of Easter are personified in this children’s play as all of them try to claim that you more

  • Do You Hear?

    New! Do You Hear?

    A man is followed by a sound that impacts him every time he commits a sin. more

  • Sunday Munchies

    New! Sunday Munchies

    Willie hopes that Betsy telling the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday will help him to take his mind more

  • Our Risen Savior

    New! Our Risen Savior

    A series of vignettes that communicate the impact of Christ both before and after the Cross. This package is a profoundly moving and more

  • Love Accelerated

    New! Love Accelerated

    It’s Valentine’s Day! And if 90 minutes + 12 marriage candidate = 1 perfect match, Gabrielle and Jack have a date with more

  • Love Anthem

    New! Love Anthem

    The word love is such a powerful idea. It can mean so many things and it’s mere mention suggests even more. But as much as our more

  • The Love Song

    New! The Love Song

    Here’s a special message about God’s love. While it may include using some artistic license and an ill-advised falsetto, more

  • A Joyful Heart

    New! A Joyful Heart

    Betsy and Susie give Willie a joyful heart transplant. more

  • You Love Me?

    New! You Love Me?

    Three different people question why and how God can love someone like them. These are three monologues that work perfect as a sermon more

  • A Puppy

    A Puppy

    Willie feels like it’s time he has a puppy, but first he has to prove that he’s responsible. more

  • Cupid


    Susie wants Willie to ask her to the Valentine party at church, but Willie is clueless! So Susie gets a little help from Cupid. This is more

  • Lost


    The gang goes on a camping trip, but get lost in the woods and soon remember that they are not alone. God is always with them! more

  • Love Handles

    Love Handles

    God is love and love handles anything. A script on love. more

  • Noah’s Faith

    Noah’s Faith

    Noah and Mrs. Noah stop to remind each other that even though they don’t understand it all, God has a purpose and a plan. more

  • Christianity With a Shot Of…

    Christianity With a Shot Of…

    Several people order up their favorite versions of Christianity. more

  • Not By Sword or Spear

    Not By Sword or Spear

    We have the same power available to us today that David had when he killed Goliath. Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. more

  • Mr. Know-It-All

    Mr. Know-It-All

    Concerned the end of the world is near, two fearful people visit a Doctor to get answers about the state of the world. more

  • Hello God?

    Hello God?

    Two-part comedy sketch about a clueless young man (or woman) attempting contact God by phone. Great accompaniment for presentations on more

  • The Image of the Cross

    The Image of the Cross

    Four different scenes are depicted with four different perspectives on the cross. more

  • Notorious to Glorious: Paul

    Notorious to Glorious: Paul

    The Bible has some “notorious” characters who encounter the truth of Jesus and whose lives show his transforming love in all more

  • A Season of Hope

    A Season of Hope

    While wrapping a present, a woman (or man) explains why her focus and priorities have shifted a little this Christmas. A perfect script more

  • Our Coming Savior: The Shepherds

    Our Coming Savior: The Shepherds

    Sam, Jake and Frank are three average shepherds whose lives are changed when they are visited by angels who bring news of Christ’s more

  • Mary and Joe

    Mary and Joe

    Joe has just learned he’s going to be a dad, but not the way he had ever planned. more

  • Our Coming Savior: The Innkeeper

    Our Coming Savior: The Innkeeper

    An innkeeper meets a young couple looking for a place to rest as they travel. Though weary, the innkeeper is in conflict about wanting more

  • Our Coming Savior: Herod

    Our Coming Savior: Herod

    After hearing rumors about the birth of a Messiah, a ruthless Herod tries to use some new acquaintances to get him information about the more

  • Our Coming Savior: Mary and Joseph

    Our Coming Savior: Mary and Joseph

    Mary and Joseph are a young couple with lots of plans for their future together, but those plans change after God steps in. Though Mary more

  • Merry Christmas?

    Merry Christmas?

    Can Christmas still be merry when everything seems anything but? more

  • Reason for the Season

    Reason for the Season

    A harried Christmas shopper takes her holiday frustrations out on a charity bell ringer. more

  • Hung on a Tree

    Hung on a Tree

    While Becky is hanging ornaments on her Christmas tree, she fails to see the significance of what Christmas really means. At the end, more

  • Tonight, We’ll Improvise

    Tonight, We’ll Improvise

    The story about the coming of our Savior using whoever and whatever is available to you on stage. Perfect for a Christmas Eve service! more

  • The Thanksgiving Fairy

    The Thanksgiving Fairy

    Rick and Toodie Narraway learn to give thanks “in all things.” Great illustration for a Thanksgiving message/discussion. more

  • Give Thanks To The Lord

    Give Thanks To The Lord

    A responsive reading praising God for who He is and all He has done for us as we celebrate Thanksgiving. more