Christmas Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • First Christmas: Wise Man

    First Christmas: Wise Man

    The Wise Man recounts his journey and the surprise at the end of it all. more

  • First Christmas: Shepherd

    First Christmas: Shepherd

    The night of Christ’s birth, a shepherd realizes that this night is good news to ALL people. more

  • First Christmas: Joseph

    First Christmas: Joseph

    Joseph struggles to understand why God would choose him to be Christ’s earthly father. more

  • First Christmas: Innkeeper

    First Christmas: Innkeeper

    The Innkeeper comes to realize why his mother always told him to make room. more

  • First Christmas: Elizabeth

    First Christmas: Elizabeth

    Elizabeth discovers that God can create life out of a barren womb. more

  • First Christmas: Mary

    First Christmas: Mary

    Mary discovers that Christ really will change everything. more

  • The Road to Bethlehem

    The Road to Bethlehem

    Mary and Joseph are on the long road to Bethlehem and have plenty of time to process exactly what God has chosen them for. more

  • God’s Perfect Gift

    God’s Perfect Gift

    God limited Himself to become human, breathing new life into the world and giving us His perfect gift so we might be saved. This is a more

  • The Bells of Christmas

    The Bells of Christmas

    As the bells of Christmas usher in the season of hurry up and get there, the true meaning starts to fade in the background as we forget more

  • Stirring Up The Animals

    Stirring Up The Animals

    It’s late at night in the barn and the animals are all excited! A baby was born and they were there to greet the newborn King. more

  • The Christmas Negotiation

    The Christmas Negotiation

    Rick and Tina play hardball as they sit down to negotiate how they spend their time during the Christmas season. more

  • Photo Op With Joseph

    Photo Op With Joseph

    Bill’s concerned that the true meaning of Christmas has been compromised so he comes up with an alternative to Santa. more

  • Worth the Price

    Worth the Price

    After reconciling the Christmas gift receipts and devising a payment plan, a husband and wife wonder whether it was all worth the price more

  • Down To Earth

    Down To Earth

    When Jesus came down to earth, He left a perfect home in heaven where he sat at the right hand of God. He left all of that for us, even more

  • Freely, Freely Give

    Freely, Freely Give

    An updated take on a classic Scrooge tale about having an attitude of serving and giving. more

  • First Christmas: Live Version Bundle

    First Christmas: Live Version Bundle

    This First Christmas Script pack features reflections from Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, The Inn Keeper, A Wiseman, A Shepherd. Can be used more

  • Anna and the King of I AM

    Anna and the King of I AM

    She waited for what seemed like an eternity for God’s promise to be fulfilled. But Hope finally came in the form of a baby and more

  • The Community of Leopards

    The Community of Leopards

    Grady has a great illustration for why we should be grateful no matter what. more

  • Listen! A Shepherd’s Testimony: Ensemble

    Listen! A Shepherd’s Testimony: Ensemble

    The next morning after the Nativity, three young shepherds tell the throng in Bethlehem about the miracle they have witnessed, an event more

  • The Christmas Experience: An Interactive Play

    The Christmas Experience: An Interactive Play

    A family-oriented Christmas event designed to evoke the feeling of being present at the time of Jesus’ birth. The audience more

  • All I Want for Christmas

    All I Want for Christmas

    Several humorous scenes of children (or played by adults) and their visit to Santa remind us that we could all learn a lesson or two more

  • When I First Held My Grandson

    When I First Held My Grandson

    The Mother of Mary, Jesus’ Grandmother, shares her story of the events leading up to the moment when she finally got to hold her more

  • Emmanuel, God With Us: A Responsive Reading

    Emmanuel, God With Us: A Responsive Reading

    Celebrate our Savior’s birth in your worship service with this responsive reading, and remember all that God has done for us more

  • Christmas Explained

    Christmas Explained

    Gary and Grady explain what Christmas is all about in this fun comedy duo script perfect for your Christmas Eve service. more

  • No Room

    No Room

    In Bethlehem on the eve of Jesus’ birth, we meet a man whose heart has “no room” and a woman who is ready to make more

  • The King of the Jews

    The King of the Jews

    After hearing from the Magi about the immanent birth of the King of the Jews, Herod plots to retain his own claim to that title. Pride more

  • Anna


    Anna, the prophetess, sits in front of the temple…waiting and hoping for the coming Messiah. more

  • His Name is John!

    His Name is John!

    Elizabeth and Zacharias, the parents of John the Baptist, speak of their joy, and of giving back to God what He has given to them. more

  • Mary’s Response

    Mary’s Response

    Gabriel is just back from announcing to Mary that she will bear the Son of God and after debriefing with another angel, it’s clear more

  • The Manger Is Empty

    The Manger Is Empty

    The blessing of Christmas is that God put a baby in a manger. But the greater blessing is that the baby didn’t stay there. Jesus more

  • The Point

    The Point

    Two women commiserate during church worship service about how busy the holiday season can be with all the preparations and festivities more

  • The Other Shepherd

    The Other Shepherd

    This monologue takes a fictional look at the story of a shepherd who was there when the angels proclaimed the birth of Christ, yet chose more