Love Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • What Is Love

    What Is Love

    As a mom prepares her kid’s Valentine’s Day cards, she reflects on the word “love” and how we focus more on the more

  • Confession: I’m In Love With My Wife

    Confession: I’m In Love With My Wife

    A married man seems to be confessing to an affair. But who is the mysterious “other woman” he speaks about? Great more

  • The Christmas Cure

    The Christmas Cure

    As a Dad prepares to speak on God’s love at the Christmas Eve service, he learns how simple understanding God’s love for us more

  • Passing By

    Passing By

    A modern-day “Priest and Levite” meet at a highway rest stop and comment on the accident they’ve just passed. more

  • Big Lessons in the Big Apple

    Big Lessons in the Big Apple

    How cool would it be if your grandmother owned a hotel in New York City? Casey, Jack, Samantha and Ben are just that fortunate and get more

  • Do You Love Me, Dad?

    Do You Love Me, Dad?

    A young dad agonizes over his less-than-perfect fathering skills, and in the process has an epiphany about his relationships with his more

  • Ties


    Dad’s two teenagers are in a desperate last-minute quandary about what to give Dad for Father’s Day. more

  • God So Loves

    God So Loves

    A Responsive Reading on God’s unfailing and unexplainable love for us. Perfect to incorporate into a worship service focusing on more

  • If The Shoe Fits

    If The Shoe Fits

    The morning after the ball, Prince Charming is having a romantic crisis and needs his sister’s advice. How do you know when more

  • Down To Earth

    Down To Earth

    When Jesus came down to earth, He left a perfect home in heaven where he sat at the right hand of God. He left all of that for us, even more

  • Little Billy: Zacchaeus

    Little Billy: Zacchaeus

    In a conversation between Little Billy and his Sunday School teacher, Little Billy swerves from underwear to Zacchaeus to sick trees. more

  • The Nightly Rumble

    The Nightly Rumble

    A family dinner turns into a WWE wrestling match in this script about family, arguing and peace. more

  • I Always Knew You Loved Me

    I Always Knew You Loved Me

    Kids aren’t the only ones who mature - so do moms. Three adult children speak about their mothers, who seeming have only one thing more

  • Say Anything

    Say Anything

    Every wife wants to hear her husband’s thoughts…but not ALL of them. In this lighthearted piece, a wife advises husbands on more

  • Love of Your Life

    Love of Your Life

    Two young adults, challenged to tell each other about the love of their lives, offer unexpected responses-and revelations. more

  • Valentine’s Day Explained

    Valentine’s Day Explained

    Gary and Grady explain why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here’s a hint: It’s not for the candy. more

  • The Box

    The Box

    Cliff and Em begin their journey into marriage full of love and romantic dreams, but also aware that things won’t always be easy. more

  • Love Language

    Love Language

    Love means more than romantic love. Not everyone gives and receives love and appreciation the same way. more

  • King Midas: Ensemble

    King Midas: Ensemble

    In this retelling of the ancient story a greedy man learns what really matters- and what really doesn’t. A touching, gently more

  • King Midas: Monologue

    King Midas: Monologue

    In this retelling of the ancient story a greedy man learns what really matters- and what really doesn’t. A touching, gently more

  • Apple


    Purity is an important issue in today’s society. We gloss over it like it’s no big deal. If we truly understood what it more

  • Jesus Eyes

    Jesus Eyes

    Two guys spend all their time mocking those around them. One girl gets fed up with it, asking Jesus to deal with the situation. Jesus more

  • Sleeping With The Enemy

    Sleeping With The Enemy

    A husband and wife struggle with a basic of marriage - getting to sleep at night. He snores, she can’t sleep. But the wife refuses more

  • Things Dads Never Say

    Things Dads Never Say

    Okay, so some things Dads say can be kind of predictable, but one thing they cannot say enough is “I love you.” more

  • My Father’s Apple Trees

    My Father’s Apple Trees

    A man reflects on the first present he gave his father, and how like that gift, everything we give back to God is already His. more

  • A Love Letter from His Love Letter

    A Love Letter from His Love Letter

    This is a Readers Theatre expressing our devotion and gratefulness to the One who sent us the greatest love letter. more

  • Tasting, by Memory

    Tasting, by Memory

    Curt gets a reminder from his wife that sometimes life gets stale and tasteless, but it’s a good thing to have someone recall the more

  • Dancin’ Fool

    Dancin’ Fool

    This script about a “dorky” teen trying to win the affections of a popular girl at school is a metaphor for pursing God more

  • Date Night with the Newlyweds

    Date Night with the Newlyweds

    Veteran married couple, Jack and Jan, have dinner with newlyweds, Todd and Lauren, and good advice abounds. more

  • The Waiting

    The Waiting

    Two teenagers face the consequences of their decisions as the wait for an answer that will completely change their lives. more

  • Amazing Oddities

    Amazing Oddities

    A whimsical look at the circus of High School and the pressures students face to give in to pre-marital sex. more

  • Too Hot to Handle

    Too Hot to Handle

    Todd is the spender. Nan is the one who keeps up with their finances. So when Todd surprises Nan with a brand new over-the-top barbeque more