Love Scripts

An innkeeper meets a young couple looking for a place to rest as they travel. Though weary, the innkeeper is in conflict about wanting to help vs. the reality of his booked up inn. Includes mp3 of music found in the video version as seen below.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 3

After hearing rumors about the birth of a Messiah, a ruthless Herod tries to use some new acquaintances to get him information about the newborn Christ. Includes mp3 of music found in the video version.

Actors: 5 Minutes: 3

Mary and Joseph are a young couple with lots of plans for their future together, but those plans change after God steps in. Though Mary has faith, she struggles with how to tell her fiancé of what the Angel has told her. Both because of how unbelievable it is and how it will change both of their lives forever. Includes mp3 of music found in the video version.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3

A mom and dad realize that it's too hard to love their kids. so they come up with a plan to make it easier. This is a satirical look at how we sometimes believe we can earn God's love by how we live our lives.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 6

Modern take on the story of the angel appearing to the shepherds on the eve of Jesus' birth.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 6

As a mom prepares her kid's Valentine's Day cards, she reflects on the word "love" and how we focus more on the gesture of love and less on the intent.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 4

A married man seems to be confessing to an affair. But who is the mysterious "other woman" he speaks about? Great jump-starter for messages about marriage, love and commitment.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 5

As a Dad prepares to speak on God's love at the Christmas Eve service, he learns how simple understanding God's love for us really is through the eyes of his young daughter.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 5-7 minutes

A modern-day "Priest and Levite" meet at a highway rest stop and comment on the accident they've just passed.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 4-5 minutes

How cool would it be if your grandmother owned a hotel in New York City? Casey, Jack, Samantha and Ben are just that fortunate and get to visit Grandma Ethel and Grandma Agnes in the busy Big Apple! They are in for some fun and adventure and also learn some valuable lessons about love, trust and helping others. This collection includes 3 scripts, and 3 videos (with and without narration) that support the script program. Great for a 3 day VBS or Childrens Camp.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 12-18 minute each

A young dad agonizes over his less-than-perfect fathering skills, and in the process has an epiphany about his relationships with his own dad.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Dad's two teenagers are in a desperate last-minute quandary about what to give Dad for Father's Day.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 5-6

A Responsive Reading on God's unfailing and unexplainable love for us. Perfect to incorporate into a worship service focusing on God's love.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 1-3 minutes

The morning after the ball, Prince Charming is having a romantic crisis and needs his sister's advice. How do you know when you've found the "right" person?

Actors: 2 Minutes: 6-8 minutes

When Jesus came down to earth, He left a perfect home in heaven where he sat at the right hand of God. He left all of that for us, even though we'd rejected Him. His love for us is greater than we'll ever appreciate.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 10-12 minutes

In a conversation between Little Billy and his Sunday School teacher, Little Billy swerves from underwear to Zacchaeus to sick trees. And through it all Little Billy learns about God's crazy love and grace.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 6-8 minutes