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Valentines Scripts

A Valentine’s Apology to Men A Valentine’s Apology to Men

In the interest of fairness and mutual respect a woman issues an open apology to men, as they navigate the complicated maze that is more

Confession: I’m In Love With My Wife Confession: I’m In Love With My Wife

A married man seems to be confessing to an affair. But who is the mysterious “other woman” he speaks about? Great more

God So Loves God So Loves

A Responsive Reading on God’s unfailing and unexplainable love for us. Perfect to incorporate into a worship service focusing on more

If The Shoe Fits If The Shoe Fits

The morning after the ball, Prince Charming is having a romantic crisis and needs his sister’s advice. How do you know when more

Love of Your Life Love of Your Life

Two young adults, challenged to tell each other about the love of their lives, offer unexpected responses-and revelations. more

Valentine’s Day Explained Valentine’s Day Explained

Gary and Grady explain why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here’s a hint: It’s not for the candy. more

Love Language Love Language

Love means more than romantic love. Not everyone gives and receives love and appreciation the same way. more

A Love Letter from His Love Letter A Love Letter from His Love Letter

This is a Readers Theatre expressing our devotion and gratefulness to the One who sent us the greatest love letter. more

Tasting, by Memory Tasting, by Memory

Curt gets a reminder from his wife that sometimes life gets stale and tasteless, but it’s a good thing to have someone recall the more

The Worst Valentine’s Day Gift The Worst Valentine’s Day Gift

One friend tries to prevent another friend from giving his wife the worst Valentine’s Day Gift In The History of The World and in more

Date Night with the Newlyweds Date Night with the Newlyweds

Veteran married couple, Jack and Jan, have dinner with newlyweds, Todd and Lauren, and good advice abounds. more

Trust Me! Trust Me!

A marriage that is offered to God is taken back piece by pieces. more

Romantically Challenged Romantically Challenged

A group of men gather to discuss their lack of romantic inclinations, when a more evolved member of the group reveals that the secret to more

All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day

Two wives have a message for their husbands about what they really want for Valentine’s Day. more

Cupid: Matchmaker or Menace Cupid: Matchmaker or Menace

A talk show host has a popular guest with a big announcement- Cupid is retiring. But when “Cupid” gets a chance to explain, more

Johnson’s Valentine’s Bowl Johnson’s Valentine’s Bowl

It’s his way vs. her way in the 11th annual Valentine’s Day gone wrong for the Johnsons. more

Date Your Mate Date Your Mate

A date night reveals that being connected to the outside world is killing their connection to each other. more

Because He Loves Me Because He Loves Me

This skit shares three stories: one old man who never knew love, a girl who wants to hear her father say “I love you,” and a more

Romance Class Romance Class

Several men and one inept wife attend a class on romance hoping to be able to speak the language of love better, but we quickly learn more

Ruts Ruts

After getting his car stuck in a rut, a husband begins to realize that his marriage is also stuck in a rut…but some ruts are good more

Love Words Love Words

Two friends are choosing cards for their wives. One thinks he’s the “wifewhisperer” who knows what women want, but the other just more

Love Is… Love Is…

This script is a Reader’s Theatre that tells the truth about love. This skit can easily be performed memorized or not (use black music more

Happy Homes Express Happy Homes Express

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could order your spouse like you order a pizza? more

Working on Love - High School Version Working on Love - High School Version

Paul determines to “put his feet to his faith” after he reads 1 Corinthians 13. But he quickly realizes that showing love, the kind more

Popping the Question Popping the Question

A Boy and Girl are on a date. There is a question that the boy desperately wants to ask, and there is question the Girl wants to hear. more

Installing Love Installing Love

A person calls into Tech Support to get Love installed on her Heart more

Working On Love - Adult Worship Version Working On Love - Adult Worship Version

Eric Swink (a member of the Skitiots) brings to life a comedy with two scenes of a person trying to deal with the aspects and traits of more

Breaking Up is Hard to Do Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This skit shows how often the consequences of sin stick with us for a long time. more

The Dance The Dance

The dilemma of a popular young boy to act as Jesus would at “The Dance.” more


Four scenarios are enacted in which people decide they need to Define The Relationship. more

The Love Chapter: Scripture Reading The Love Chapter: Scripture Reading

1st Corinthians 13: 1- 13 Scripture Reading. more

I Do? I Do?

A young couple, madly in love, approaches a crusty old Judge about getting married. After some grilling, he finally consents to marry more