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He Is Risen: The Easter Story

Betsy finishes telling Willie and Sammy the story she began last week that started with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and now concludes with resurrection morning. In this skit Willie and Sammy learn the importance of the empty tomb.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 6

Sunday Munchies

Willie hopes that Betsy telling the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday will help him to take his mind off of food. This is a fun skit for Palm Sunday that points to the ultimate triumph of Jesus over death the following Easter morning.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 7


Susie wants Willie to ask her to the Valentine party at church, but Willie is clueless! So Susie gets a little help from Cupid. This is a fun skit for Valentine’s Day that talks about how God showed His love for us by sending His Son, Jesus.

  • Actors: 6
  • Minutes: 8

The Image of the Cross

Four different scenes are depicted with four different perspectives on the cross.

  • Actors: 8
  • Minutes: 7

Reason for the Season

A harried Christmas shopper takes her holiday frustrations out on a charity bell ringer.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 5

You Can’t Have Christmas Without

The many beloved trappings and traditions of Christmas are personified in this children’s play as all of them try to claim that you can’t have Christmas without…well, them! But they are about to discover the real meaning of Christmas and understand their role is important in helping to celebrate the season.

  • Actors: 18
  • Minutes: 5

A Modern Day Christmas Experience

A modern day version of the popular family program The Christmas Experience. Includes sometimes dramatic, often funny, contemporary versions of the events leading up to Jesus’ birth. The audience journeys to three different settings where three short plays are performed, then gathers for singing, a present day version of the Nativity, a short message, and candle-lighting.

  • Actors: 18+

Naïve TV

A naïve youth group rediscovers the meaning of Christmas while reenacting the Nativity.

  • Actors: 6+
  • Minutes: 7

Parade for a King

Live from Jerusalem, it’s the Palm Sunday Parade! Join in and listen to the color commentary as the crowd gathers to welcome a King.

  • Actors: 4
  • Minutes: 6

40 Days: John the Baptist

John The Baptist may have never set out to talk much, but listen as he describes ending up with a front row seat to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Includes music used in video version.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3 minutes

40 Days: Temple Cleansing

Widowed and just wanting to worship, a woman describes the scene at the temple when Jesus drove out the money changers and the kind of rescue that meant for her. Includes music used in video version.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 4 minutes

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Christmas is about the Name About All Names, Jesus. This responsive reading is a declaration of where our focus is this season.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 1.5

The Gift of Expectancy: Hiding Baby Jesus

A dad finds a way for his family to keep the main thing, Jesus, the main thing at Christmas.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 5-7 minutes

The Gifts of Christmas: Script Bundle

Christmas gifts come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and styles. This Christmas, introduce your church family to five people who discover that the gifts of Christmas are really:

The Gift of Expectancy
The Gift of Grace
The Gift of Reconciliation
The Gift of Adoption
The Gift of Jesus

Each gift will help your congregation enter the Christmas season with hearts overflowing with the love of God.

This includes all 5 scripts, mp3 music files, sermon outlines, still and motion backgrounds and artwork.

  • Actors: 5

The Christmas Cure

As a Dad prepares to speak on God’s love at the Christmas Eve service, he learns how simple understanding God’s love for us really is through the eyes of his young daughter.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 5-7 minutes

Hometown Hero-NOT!

As word spreads that the Messiah is heading to Nazareth, people are getting excited and talking about all that they have heard. The excitement escalates as the news of His arrival spreads.

  • Actors: 8+
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

The Simon Peter Chronicles: An Ordinary Man

In a sin-twisted world, Simon Peter learns that Jesus (“the second Adam”) is the only truly normal human being. As a result, his commitment to follow Jesus deepens. Has ours?

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Encounters With Christ: Philip & Andrew

Two disciples remember being with Jesus the week before his resurrection. Use in the weeks leading up to Easter and it’s a great script for your Palm Sunday service.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Encounters With Christ: Malchus in the Garden

He was a servant to the high priest and found himself on the wrong end of a sword. Listen as Malchus describes the events surrounding the Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Encounters With Christ: Salome at the Tomb

Watch as Mary Salome recounts her Easter Sunday story. With an empty tomb, guards silenced and angels all involved, her sandals couldn’t carry her fast enough.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 6-8 minutes

Encounters With Christ: Simon of Cyrene

Simon of Cyrene made the long journey to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem. Little did he know that this Friday would go down in history. Use in the weeks leading up to Easter and it’s a great video for Good Friday.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 4-5 minutes

The Simon Peter Chronicles: Feed My Sheep

The risen Christ appears to his disciples, but Peter’s joy is shadowed by guilt. Jesus’ assurance of love and forgiveness comes with a command: pass it on!

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

The Simon Peter Chronicles: The End of My Self

Following Jesus’ arrest, and his own denial of Him, Peter is devastated. His dreams are invaded by images of destruction. In the darkest hour, Jesus is there with us. Are we with Him?

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-5 minutes

The Simon Peter Chronicles: The Rock

Peter is overjoyed at the way God is working through him. Yet a terrible test lies ahead: “I could never deny Him,” Peter declares. We’re called to serve Him in season and out.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes

The Last Days: Collection

This collection of five reader’s theatre style scripts leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus is perfect for incorporating into your sermon or worship service leading up to Easter.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 2-6 minutes per script

Encounters With Christ: Script Bundle

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, Jesus goes from being ushered in like a king to being crucified like a criminal and then ultimately overcoming the grave. Hear people close to Jesus recount his final week. The script pack includes all 5 scripts (Andrew and Philip, Mary of Bethany, Malchus, Simon of Cyrene and Salome) as well 5 different slides, sermon helps, music, a countdown and artwork that you can use for promotional materials, programs or whatever else you want to create.

  • Actors: 6

At the Cross: Collection

Follow the footsteps of the ones surrounding Jesus on His journey to the cross in this collection of inspiring scripts for Easter. This collection includes all 14 of the “At the Cross” scripts. Including Mary and the Baby Jesus,Mary and the Lord Jesus, Nicodemus, Peter, The Centurion, The Mob, The Two Thieves and more.

  • Actors: 17

The Simon Peter Chronicles

A collection of six monologues, chronicling Simon Peter’s encounters with Jesus Christ. These “journal entries” can serve as powerful sermon illustrators. This bundle comes with artwork including logo, title slides and background slides for your worship service.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: Six 3-5 minute scripts

An Easter Carol

A new spin on an old classic. Years after the crucifixion, a Centurion is visited by three people in a dream and learns that forgiveness is just a prayer away.

  • Actors: 4
  • Minutes: 8-10 minutes

Arm Wrestling

This is a silent sketch. The devil chooses a challenger to go against him in an arm wrestling match. They go to the table; Satan wins effortlessly. The person gets up, fights again, and is again defeated. Scared and hurting, the person goes to Jesus. Jesus challenges Satan on the person’s behalf and easily wins.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 3

Sauly of Tarsus

A comedic introduction to Saul’s transformation by Jesus on the road to Damascus.

  • Actors: 5+
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

When I First Held My Grandson

The Mother of Mary, Jesus’ Grandmother, shares her story of the events leading up to the moment when she finally got to hold her grandson.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes