The Skit Guys

Author: Carrie Varnell

Carrie Varnell

Carrie Varnell lives in Plano, TX with her husband Randy, her two kids- Rachel and Graham- two dogs and one gerbil (there were three gerbils, but that’s a long story). She and her family attend The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, TX.

Carrie has been performing, writing and directing for…many years. She has worked with theatre companies around the Dallas metroplex and has performed for various groups such as MOPS International and other women’s ministries. When she is not on the road with the Skitzy Chicks she works as the script consultant for If you ever need any help with scripts, you can email her at [email protected]


Scripts by Carrie Varnell

  • Mom Therapy
    Mom Therapy
  • His Story
    His Story
  • Black Friday
    Black Friday
  • About God
    About God
  • What Are The Odds?
    What Are The Odds?
  • Mercy: Husband and Wife
    Mercy: Husband and Wife
  • A Christmas Do-Over
    A Christmas Do-Over
  • The Christmas Movie
    The Christmas Movie
  • All Mom Wants for Easter
    All Mom Wants for Easter
  • It’s a Madison County Christmas
    It’s a Madison County Christmas
  • All Mom Wants
    All Mom Wants

  • Eyewitness - An Easter Play for Children
  • How Do I Know God’s Will For My Life?
    How Do I Know God’s Will For My Life?
  • Merry Christmas, Grace
    Merry Christmas, Grace
  • Family Matters
    Family Matters
  • Nothing But the Truth
    Nothing But the Truth
  • Taste and See
    Taste and See
  • How’s Your Backyard?
    How’s Your Backyard?
  • What the Stick Said
    What the Stick Said
  • What’s She Got?
    What’s She Got?
  • Be Anxious for Nothing
    Be Anxious for Nothing
  • I’m So Glad You Asked That
    I’m So Glad You Asked That
  • A Penny Saved
    A Penny Saved
  • Extreme Love
    Extreme Love
  • The Bell Ringer
    The Bell Ringer
  • Do Something
    Do Something