Cierra Winkler

Cierra lives in northeast Georgia with a Jeep, a kayak, and a Shiba Inu, Rosie. She first saw The Skit Guys at a summer camp called SuperWow many moons ago, and is delighted to be a part of their amazing team! During the school year she teaches Christian Film and Literature at Truett McConnell University, where she loves to share with her students various poets, writers, directors, and showrunners who have contributed to our Biblical worldview within the arts.

Since 2005, Cierra has been blessed to serve at a Christian youth camp in Wasilla, Alaska, where kids ranging from 1st-12th grades hear and experience the love of Jesus! And with Alaska being God’s creative magnum opus, Cierra spends most weekends enjoying the great outdoors. She does her best writing while sitting on her cabin porch, watching the Alaskan sunset spill across the lake at midnight.

In August 2018, Cierra begins a two-year MFA internship in TV and Screenwriting at Jim Henson Studios in L.A. She’s still confounded by God’s hand of providence in this opportunity and her goal is to use the skills she learns and the relationships she forms to begin a career in screenwriting that glorifies the name of Jesus! She will be part of a multi-genre writing cohort that will be led and mentored by some of Hollywood’s most successful family-friendly content writers and showrunners, including brothers Ken and Philip LaZebnik, Carol Barbee, Alexa Junge, Brian Bird and Linda Woolverton.