The Skit Guys

Author: Curt Cloninger

Curt Cloninger

Curt Cloninger has been performing solo theatre for over 25 years. He’s performed for huge conferences and for small churches, and for everything in between. He has a very full repertoire of full length monologue shows.

But, since 1993 he has also been an Artist in Residence at Perimeter Church, in suburban Atlanta, where he has written many, many short scripts. These scripts are a short sampling of what he’s written.


Scripts by Curt Cloninger

  • Spontaneous Mother’s Day Thanks
    Spontaneous Mother’s Day Thanks
  • The Mom Zone
    The Mom Zone
  • A Fathers Day Poem (Sort of)
    A Fathers Day Poem (Sort of)
  • Dreamsicles
  • Wooden Bowl
    Wooden Bowl
  • Whiner at the Water
    Whiner at the Water
  • Tonight, We’ll Improvise
    Tonight, We’ll Improvise
  • Thanks for Nothing
    Thanks for Nothing
  • A Seeker Trilogy
    A Seeker Trilogy
  • Hey Dad!
    Hey Dad!
  • Freestyle Offertory
    Freestyle Offertory
  • In the Family
    In the Family
  • These Fragrant Gifts
    These Fragrant Gifts
  • Specificity
  • Before We Get Off This Ship
    Before We Get Off This Ship
  • Blind Insight
    Blind Insight
  • Shoot the TV
    Shoot the TV
  • Hat In Hand
    Hat In Hand
  • This Messy Gift
    This Messy Gift
  • Digging Out
    Digging Out
  • Neither Knows
    Neither Knows
  • Jesus and the Kids
    Jesus and the Kids
  • Anna and the King of I AM
    Anna and the King of I AM
  • The Last Time I Went Fishing
    The Last Time I Went Fishing
  • Back Nine at Emmaus
    Back Nine at Emmaus
  • Bob-ism
  • The Box
    The Box
  • The Death Camp
    The Death Camp
  • Double Blind
    Double Blind
  • When I First Held My Grandson
    When I First Held My Grandson
  • Anna
  • Just Dance
    Just Dance
  • Leaky Cups
    Leaky Cups
  • That’s Something I Guess
    That’s Something I Guess
  • Tasting, by Memory
    Tasting, by Memory
  • An Evening in December
    An Evening in December
  • I’m Putting Up The Flag
    I’m Putting Up The Flag
  • Easter Trilogy
    Easter Trilogy
  • The Easter Apology
    The Easter Apology
  • Heard On High
    Heard On High
  • Declaration of Dependence
    Declaration of Dependence
  • Getting Dressed
    Getting Dressed
  • God Doesn’t Like Me
    God Doesn’t Like Me
  • It’s A Wonderful Fruitcake
    It’s A Wonderful Fruitcake
  • Don’t Feed the Rat
    Don’t Feed the Rat
  • Flunking English
    Flunking English
  • I Do?
    I Do?
  • All This Noise
    All This Noise
  • Flunking Life
    Flunking Life
  • No Strings
    No Strings
  • My Dad’s Feet
    My Dad’s Feet
  • Death, Warmed Over
    Death, Warmed Over
  • Beyond Justice
    Beyond Justice
  • My Side of the Story
    My Side of the Story