David J. Swanson

David J. Swanson is playwright and novelist living in Wichita, KS. While working with his adult and youth drama teams, David began writing his own material. From there he published a collection of scripts called Theater for Church and then became a Skit Guys featured author. He also writes for Skit Guys Studios. In 2014, his full-length play A Paper Tiger in the Rain (published by Heartland Plays) won the prestigious Panowski Playwriting Award. Other plays include the drama Hotel Jerusalem and a farce called A Portrait of the Con Artist.

David plays lead electric guitar in his church’s worship band, rhythm guitar in a big band, and continues to write for his church, both in video production and in live dramas. During the day he works as a Strategy Analyst for an aircraft manufacturer. He is sharing life with his charming wife Carrie. Together they are raising Micah, a special blessing whom they adopted at birth just after Christmas 2011.