J.R. Mimbs

At 12 years old, J.R. Mimbs started performing puppets for his mom's burgeoning clown ministry. By 15, he was doing script re-writes and writing original material for puppets and church drama. By 17, J.R. was teaching puppetry and leading a drama ministry. After earning a degree in Theatre Education from Trevecca Nazarene University, J.R. has taught theatre at the high school and middle school level, been a technical director, stage manager, scenery designer, lighting designer, playwright, youth minister and more. Except painter. He doesn't paint.

J.R. currently resides in Georgia with his lovely wife, wonderful kids, and obnoxious pets. He continues to write and publish plays for high school and middle school groups as well as for church drama ministries. Believing that a lack of funding should never hamper one's artistic vision, J.R. loves to write for "theatre on the cheap," utilizing non-traditional theatre techniques and styles.