Author: Jennifer Jolly

Jennifer Jolly

After earning a Kindergarten through 8th grade Elementary Education degree, Jennifer worked as an English teacher in China, a chiropractic therapist, and a musician.  How’s that for variety!  Jennifer still has no idea what she’s going to be when she grows up, but for the last decade, she’s coordinated Vertical Reality middle and high school ministries at Harvest Community Church in Huntersville, North Carolina.

In fact, her years of experience and passion for middle school students is probably what prepared her for marrying Mike Jolly—the CRAZIEST, most brilliant, most loving computer geek in the world.  Ah…the inspiration.  And in December of 2008, Jennifer became a mommy to Wesley.  What man said was impossible, God made possible!  (Yeah, God!!!)

Jennifer started writing scripts while serving as Coordinator of Worship and Arts at a church plant.  What inspired her?  …Her deep desires to teach and to lead worship.  She loves to see the light bulb go off when the perfect illustration leads an audience to understand God’s truth or to observe a creative turn of a phrase lead her church family to see God glorified.  Jesus used stories and pictures.  Why shouldn’t we?