The Skit Guys

Author: Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

Justin is the Creative Director for America’s 7th largest church. Over the past 12 years he’s written and produced hundreds of sketches and short films - and has the gray hairs to prove it.

His creative life is 100% thanks to God. Before accepting Christ (and later a Job) at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Justin was a marketing research analyst doing spreadsheets all day. Today, his scripts and films have won several awards and have been used by hundreds of churches around the world. No one is more surprised than Justin.

But the most amazing blessing in Justin’s life is his family. A poet wife, bug-hunting son and imagination-rich daughter remind him every day of God’s grace. Their crazy life together in a suburb of Vegas not only sustains him… it also provides a lot of material. Hopefully some of it can help your church.

And for the record.. He had the name Justin before it was mainstream.

Scripts by Justin Jackson

  • Hanging on Faith
    Hanging on Faith
  • Between Takes
    Between Takes
  • The Nowhere God
    The Nowhere God
  • The Nightly Rumble
    The Nightly Rumble
  • Where Do We Start?
    Where Do We Start?
  • Closing the Deal
    Closing the Deal
  • The Checkout Lane
    The Checkout Lane
  • Paranormal Paranoia
    Paranormal Paranoia
  • Check Please
    Check Please
  • Group Insurance
    Group Insurance
  • Sleeping With The Enemy
    Sleeping With The Enemy
  • Quit Driving Me Mad
    Quit Driving Me Mad
  • Maybe Just A Bite
    Maybe Just A Bite