Katherine McMahon

Katherine McMahon is an Australian writer, new mum, and disciple of Christ who lives in Melbourne with her husband, Matt, and baby girl, Aurora. Katherine has been blessed to use her lifelong creative passions in various church ministries, having had the opportunity to write, direct, compose for, and perform in several musical productions, as well as skits and other creative items.

Having majored in creative writing and performance studies at university, Katherine’s drive has always been to communicate Christ’s boundless love to those who may not have experienced it (or who need a fresh experience of it) in as many creative ways as she can.

As well as serving in creative ministries and supporting her husband’s ministry as a youth & worship pastor, Katherine has worked as a court transcriber for several years, and also spent six amazing months working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In her new season of life, as a mum to her beautiful Aurora, Katherine has been excited to focus some more on her love of writing. She feels incredibly thankful and privileged to be part of The Skit Guys team of authors.