Melinda Whitten

Melinda is the mother of four wonderful kids and wife to a highly aggravating (accurate) but lovable attorney (oxymoron?). While shopping to feed their crew she also has the opportunity to purchase crickets and mice to feed her son’s diversity of reptiles; two snakes, three lizards, one frog, and one tortoise.

She has since stopped reading the book “Encouraging your Einstein’s Interests” and is currently using it to hold down the lid on the cricket cage.

Melinda earned the title “drama queen” at the age of six when she convinced her parents that her brothers caused a bald spot on her scalp with their “overly vigorous noogies”.

After following her dream of receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Baylor University and becoming a very successful starving artist, she married her high school sweetheart and fulfilled another dream, becoming a frazzled mother.

Melinda also makes up one half of the Skitzy Chicks, a comedy team that performs for women's ministries. To find out more about them go to or visit their Facebook Page.