ART AT ITS BEST MAKES PEOPLE THINK. It makes you question, provokes your thought, and moves you to a deeper place. It’s hard to describe what we do, but we consider it an art form. We communicate the reality of Christ in a modern-day language, using conversation and dramatic elements to convey our message. Building a solid reputation in ministry since 1994, onetimeblind has a love for art and a heart for speaking truth. They bring their lives to the stage and screen, drawing from personal experience and Biblical study to plant seeds for growth and cultivate lives rooted in the reality of Jesus. Through thought-provoking insight, as well as a bit of humor, onetimeblind reveals the life-changing character of God. Their speaking methods spark discussion, create desire for growth, and move entire audiences in deeply personal ways. Ryan and Laura McCullough and Drew and Kathlene Smith have a passion for the church as God intended it to be. Their voices and interaction combine to give “speaker” a whole new dimension. Their material gives meaning wherever they’re heard. And their love for God and the arts infuses the church with passion. onetimeblind will make you think. FOUR PEOPLE. ONE TRUTH. onetimeblind