Patricia Souder

Enchanted by words and music since she was a girl, Patricia (Patti) wrote and directed her first play in high school. She served as music director for two churches, finding special joy in incorporating drama into musical productions. She has written dozens of drama sketches as well as full-length plays and musicals, all of which amaze her when they come to life on stage.

Patti delights in interacting with people in real life and Scripture and sees drama as a creative bridge to share joy and fresh insights. You can also find her dramas at and

Her publishing credits include books, poetry, children’s stories, and articles. She’s an RN with an MA in Creative Writing who directed the Montrose Christian Writers Conference. She also co-hosted a radio program with her husband Larry whose life calling was Christian radio. They are privileged to have a son, two daughters, and six grandchildren—all wonderful!