The Skit Guys

Author: Rachel Benjamin

Rachel Benjamin

A Rochester, New York native, Rachel Benjamin is an actress, playwright, and singer/songwriter, currently hired with the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse. Various theatre credits include: Beth Finnegan, Jerry Finnegan’s Sister, Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Laura Wingfield, The Glass Menagerie, Featured Singer/Dancer, Karl May Festival in Germany, Sarah Goldman, Beau Jest, Gabriella, High School Musical, and Alice in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Off stage, Rachel has been featured in numerous films and commercials. She is also part of Washer’s Field, a band that released their debut album in September 2011.

Rachel began writing at a very young age and constantly made her cousins perform her work at every possible family function. Since that time, her original work has been published in EC, a magazine publication of Lifeway, as well well as selected for play readings and various performances by numerous theatre groups including the Fire Exit Theatre in Calgary, Canada and TN Women’s Work Festival in Nashville, TN. Her play, Idealistic Dreamers, was published in December 2011 as part of a compilation of short stories entitled, Downtown Stories.

Rachel would like to thank her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the author of creativity, for His gracious guidance. She would also like to thank her family and friends for their continued prayer and support.


Scripts by Rachel Benjamin

  • Joy Epidemic
    Joy Epidemic
  • Our Chaos, His Peace
    Our Chaos, His Peace
  • Happy Dad’s Day
    Happy Dad’s Day
  • Jericho
  • A Message For My Mother
    A Message For My Mother
  • But Sunday’s Coming
    But Sunday’s Coming
  • Christmas For Sale
    Christmas For Sale
  • Daylight Saving Time
    Daylight Saving Time
  • The Advocates
    The Advocates
  • Piece of Glass
    Piece of Glass
  • Missing Christmas
    Missing Christmas
  • Semi-Synthetic Christmas
    Semi-Synthetic Christmas
  • Warranty Sale
    Warranty Sale
  • The Resurrection Story
    The Resurrection Story
  • A Rabbit’s Foot, An Eyelash, and A Resurrection
    A Rabbit’s Foot, An Eyelash, and A Resurrection
  • Love Accelerated
    Love Accelerated
  • Not By Sword or Spear
    Not By Sword or Spear
  • Away From a Manger
    Away From a Manger
  • Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
    Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  • The Christmas Cure
  • The Red Nosed Reindeer
    The Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Christmas Perspectives
    Christmas Perspectives
  • The Prayer
    The Prayer
  • Manure-Caked Man-Feet
    Manure-Caked Man-Feet
  • Denial
  • Church Garden
    Church Garden
  • Confessions of the Chronically Late
    Confessions of the Chronically Late
  • Recipe
  • Mary’s Response
    Mary’s Response
  • Listening
  • The Point
    The Point
  • The Thanksgiving Table
    The Thanksgiving Table
  • The Body
    The Body
  • His Team Part 2
    His Team Part 2
  • His Team Part 1
    His Team Part 1
  • This Is Why I’m Single
    This Is Why I’m Single
  • Road Trip
    Road Trip
  • Bread