The Skit Guys

Author: Ted and Nancie Lowe

Ted and Nancie Lowe

Ted and Nancie have traveled all over the country performing at everything from arenas to youth rooms. Their sketches had to be able to speak to many different ages, regions, and personalities. After being on the road full time for five years, Ted and Nancie moved to Atlanta Georgia. Ted served as the director of MarriedLife at North Point Community Church for 9 years until recently starting a non-profit organization called marriedpeople. Many of their sketches have been used at North Point Sunday Services, as well as MarriedLife Live marriage enrichment events. Now Ted and Nancie want to share their sketches with you.


Scripts by Ted and Nancie Lowe

  • Trust Me!

  • Too Hot to Handle

  • The Flip Side

  • Small Talk
  • Lowered Expectations
    Lowered Expectations
  • I Never Told Her
    I Never Told Her
  • In The Nick of Time
    In The Nick of Time
  • Getting to Know You
    Getting to Know You
  • File Away
    File Away
  • Johnson’s Valentine’s Bowl
    Johnson’s Valentine’s Bowl
  • Date Your Mate
    Date Your Mate
  • Glorious Interruption
    Glorious Interruption
  • I Do! Part 2
    I Do! Part 2
  • I Do! Part 1
    I Do! Part 1
  • From Each Other
    From Each Other
  • The Dance
    The Dance
  • With You Always Part 1
    With You Always Part 1
  • It Does Matter
    It Does Matter
  • Nobody Calls Them Baby
    Nobody Calls Them Baby
  • What’s Their Story?
    What’s Their Story?
  • How Do I, Uh…Pray?
    How Do I, Uh…Pray?
  • Cloud Talk
    Cloud Talk
  • With You Always Part 2
    With You Always Part 2
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control