Victoria Hansen

Victoria Hansen is 15 years old and lives at home with her three siblings, parents, dog, and constantly disappearing cat. She wrote her first script at age 9, which she thought was very good. (It wasn’t.) In fact, she thought it was so good, that she kept on writing scripts and short stories and forcing people to read them!

When her church youth group did a summer drama program a few years later, Victoria volunteered to write a script, hoping her writing had gotten better. (It had!) After the script was performed, she wrote more, and more, and more! The drama minister encouraged her to send the scripts to the Skit Guys, and now she’s thrilled to be a part of the ministry!

Victoria enjoys breaking boards in Taekwondo, earning badges, and playing board games. When she’s not writing, Victoria is probably cooking, reading, or watching various Star Treks.