What's New with The Skit Guys?

Our NEW book, Smells Like Bacon, is releasing this fall!

It's a book about the power of friendships and how to build the kind of friendships that last (looking at lessons we've learned in our 30+ years of friendship). We think you're gonna love it! It's filled with great lessons and tons of laugh-out-loud moments!

Learn more and pre-order your copy here.

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Did you hear that we have a NEW podcast? Season one is available to listen to now, and season two will be coming soon! Subscribe at AccessMore or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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Have you checked out sgTV? It's a place where you can find all kinds of Skit Guys videos to stream, like devotionals, our Bedtime Bible Stories series, our TV show, Laugh More, and lots of other fun stuff for people of all ages!

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We've got NEW merch! Check out all the designs...shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and more!

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