Scripts in Category: Ensemble

A harried Christmas shopper takes her holiday frustrations out on a charity bell ringer.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 5

The story about the coming of our Savior using whoever and whatever is available to you on stage. Perfect for a Christmas Eve service!

Actors: 1 Minutes: 6

A script on being thankful in culture of consumption. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas discuss which is the best holiday on a radio program.

Actors: 5 Minutes: 8

Christ came into the world not just to dispel the darkness, but to help us learn to act and grow within the darkness as we develop our faith.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 5

Mrs. Wilfor is busy taking complaints when a person arrives to give an unexpected praise report.

Actors: 5 Minutes: 7

What dinner would look like if children ran the household. A script on parenting, discipline and the family.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 5

Several Christians participating in a haunted house on Halloween become confused about the spirit realm.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 5

Chris is on a journey to search for answers, but can he trust the answer givers?

Actors: 4 Minutes: 8

A scene of monsters who represent sins meet to reflect on their victories and lament about their inevitable defeat.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 6

A mom and dad realize that it's too hard to love their kids. so they come up with a plan to make it easier. This is a satirical look at how we sometimes believe we can earn God's love by how we live our lives.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 6

Customers at a taco restaurant can't simply order a taco because the rules are too hard and change at random. After being thrown out, they meet a taco vendor who has exactly what they need.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 7

Christianity 101. It's the basics of what we believe as Christians starting from Creation and God's existence then focusing on the Bible and its import and validity. This script then moves into describing the Messiah and the life that Jesus lived and why that is important to us as we learn to live out God's love in the world as the Followers of the Way, Christians, the Church. This script is broken up in to 4 sets.

Actors: 7 Minutes: 18

A simple and fun way to tell the story of the night Christ was born.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 5

This is a fun and interactive play with a "choose your own ending" for the audience! Characters of a church Christmas pageant are thrown into investigative turmoil as their "baby Jesus" nursery doll comes up missing after an untimely power outage. Accusations soar and secrets are revealed as the cast sets out to find the true 'leading role' before the curtain opens! This play has about 35-40 minutes of dialogue. Times will vary when being used as a dinner theatre.

Actors: 9 Minutes: 35

The many beloved trappings and traditions of Christmas are personified in this children's play as all of them try to claim that you can't have Christmas without...well, them! But they are about to discover the real meaning of Christmas and understand their role is important in helping to celebrate the season.

Actors: 18 Minutes: 5

A modern day version of the popular family program The Christmas Experience. Includes sometimes dramatic, often funny, contemporary versions of the events leading up to Jesus' birth. The audience journeys to three different settings where three short plays are performed, then gathers for singing, a present day version of the Nativity, a short message, and candle-lighting.

Actors: 18+ Minutes: