The Simon Peter Chronicles

By Mitch Teemley | License of Use
A collection of six monologues, chronicling Simon Peter's encounters with Jesus Christ. These "journal entries" can serve as powerful sermon illustrators. This bundle comes with artwork including logo, title slides and background slides for your worship service.
Actors: 1 Minutes: Six 3-5 minute scripts
Genre: Drama Audience: Adult Format: PDF Download

Ways to use the scripts:

  • Lenten Series - begin early in the season and conclude with #6 at Easter
  • Easter/Holy Week - use monologues 4 through 6 for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday respectively
  • Individually - use each monologue independently for its thematic content
  • Peter - use the first 3 monologues or all 6 for a series on the Apostle Peter
  • Jesus - do a series on Jesus' character as seen through the eyes of Peter

Story Arc:

  • Part 1: "The Veil" - Simon's introduction to Jesus
  • Part 2: "Follow Me" - Simon and Andrew are called to dicipleship
  • Part 3: "An Ordinary Man" - Simon's commitment deepens
  • Part 4: "The Rock" - Simon-Peter rejoices at being used by God
  • Part 5: "The End of My Self" - Peter despairs over his denial of Jesus
  • Part 6: "Feed My Sheep" - Peter is restored and called by the risen Christ