Thechristmasdilemma 1012X140

Scripts character

Willie is really excited when he finds a five-dollar bill! But when he finds out that Susie has lost her five-dollar bill, will he do the right thing and return it to her?

Actors: 2 Minutes: 6

Sometimes we believe that God just tolerates us because of all the "yuck" in our hearts. In this script, Tommy and Eddie take a look at David's honest prayer to God about the transformation of our hearts and lives.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 15-17

Two coworkers, Barry and Jerry, meet up at the water cooler for some conversation. But neither one is really listening to what the other is saying and it quickly goes downhill. This script reminds us how important it is to really listen when someone we know needs to be heard.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Isn't it easy to judge other people when you're inconvenienced? Before we start to point out the speck in someone else's eye, perhaps we should check out the plank in our own eye.

Actors: 5 Minutes: 7-9 minutes

A teenager is challenged to list his/her resolutions for the New Year.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 2-3 minutes

A man/woman is challenged to list his/her goals for the New Year.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 2-3 minutes

Bob has an unexpected encounter with Rox, a homeless woman who teaches him about joy.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 5-6 minutes

A humorous reminder that oftentimes people are watching us.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3-5 minutes