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The Prodigal Abridged Version

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, we see a father welcome home his son, who has thrown away his inheritance. In this inspirational retelling of their story, we hear what may have been going on in the minds of the father and the son.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 5

An Unexpected Duty

Jack is about to deploy overseas with the US Army for a 12-month stint. After a week of what Eva thinks is a terrible stomach flu, Jack insists that they see a doctor. Congratulations and shock are prescribed when they discover that instead of falling prey to bad batch of chicken wings, Eva is in fact pregnant and Jack is about to become a deployed father.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 5

The Miracle of Mom

Jessie and Laura meet under magical circumstances when a feather falls between them as they walk in a park. Fast-forward five years when they are married with two kids. The miracle of love and the magic of the falling feather is buried under piles of laundry.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 5

Over the River and Into The Woods

Marie, an aspiring writer, meets a “fortunate” accident when she trips and mixes up a large handful of scripts she plans to pitch to her editor Mr. Grimble. Her show, “Over the River and Into the Woods”, comes to life as she tries to blend the mess of stories together. Snow Whitish, Prince Farming, the Malevolent Witch and other slightly altered fairy tale favorites will have your audience rolling in the aisles. This full-length play is perfect for a school production or dinner theater.

  • Actors: 40
  • Minutes: 90

When Yer Whiskers Get To Twitchin’

A mischievous little mouse and his dozens of cousins have made an astonishing discovery: a bunch of huge, brightly colored eggs all over the yard. Now they must decide whether they’ll keep the eggs as just another fun decoration, or dare to look inside.

  • Actors: 4+
  • Minutes: 10

The Hecka Big and Super Shiny Crown

Three young woodland critters are given a most important assignment: safely deliver the King’s beautiful crown to him without losing it in the jungle along the way, allowing it to be stolen, or succumbing to the temptation to wear it themselves. The journey, they soon find, is not as simple or easy as it seems.

  • Actors: 8+
  • Minutes: 30-40

God’s G-Race

Gracie is a young and talented athlete competing in this year’s “G-Games”. She has a devoted supporter and teammate in her heaven sent helper, Angelica, but a staunch nemesis in her opponent, Beezle. Will Gracie be able to win the coveted G-Race title or are the challenges she faces just too great? Join our G-Games competitors and crazy cast of characters as they illustrate some favorite Bible stories and seek to prove that Grace always wins!

  • Actors: 20+

The Advocates

Does your VBS program need an extra volt of adventure and excitement? Then plug into this new VBS skit pack, THE ADVOCATES. Designed to portray the electrifying power of the Holy Spirit as he works in our lives, these avenger-themed scripts will encourage students to plug in and power up! Click on the preview for more. This script pack comes with slides!

  • Actors: 10+

Camp Sonrise: God is With Joseph

This is a fun telling of Joseph the dreamer, and how God was always with him, even through some really awful circumstances!

  • Actors: 17
  • Minutes: 18

Camp Sonrise: Jesus is the Light

The kids at Camp Sonrise are taking an evening hike, but are finding it hard to find their way in the dark. This is a fun telling of the birth of Christ and how Jesus came to be our light in the dark!

  • Actors: 14
  • Minutes: 5

Camp Sonrise: Rahab Helps the Lost

The kids at Camp Sonrise have just finished a game to see who can make it back to the campsite first and learn that it’s easier to find your way when a friend is helpful. This is a fun telling of the story of how Rahab helped two Israelite spies and because of that, God saved Rahab and her family.

  • Actors: 9
  • Minutes: 8

Camp Sonrise: The Lost Sheep is Rescued

The kids at Camp Sonrise have quite a scare when a camper goes missing! Once found, they learn about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd and loves each of His sheep.

  • Actors: 9
  • Minutes: 8

Camp Sonrise: The Wandering Israelites

The kids at Camp Sonrise have been wandering around the woods for what seems like days, even though it’s only been a short time, making it a great time to hear a story about Israelites wandering in the desert and a lesson on being grateful during the tough times.

  • Actors: 8
  • Minutes: 6

Come to the Manger

Want an engaging and memorable children’s Christmas play with lots and lots of adorable children without the hassle of rehearsing an engaging and memorable Christmas play with lots and lots of adorable children? Look no further! This script is designed to be a spontaneous Christmas pageant for any child in attendance who wants to participate! Attendees walk in the door, no children’s rehearsals needed, and get to choose which character in the Christmas story they want to play and go up on stage and help tell the story of the birth of Jesus! Further enrich your event with crafts and activities, costume making and reflection times! So, join in and Come to the Manger in an engaging and entertaining and easier way this Christmas!

  • Actors: 7+
  • Minutes: 15

The Beautiful Burden

Three Mothers, of all ages, muse on memories of their children from the past and present and the ones that may be yet to come as they reflect on what a beautiful burden motherhood is to each of them.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 3-5 minutes

If Children Ruled the Home

What dinner would look like if children ran the household. A script on parenting, discipline and the family.

  • Actors: 4
  • Minutes: 5

You Can’t Have Christmas Without

The many beloved trappings and traditions of Christmas are personified in this children’s play as all of them try to claim that you can’t have Christmas without…well, them! But they are about to discover the real meaning of Christmas and understand their role is important in helping to celebrate the season.

  • Actors: 18
  • Minutes: 5

In the Family

A brother and sister reminisce about their childhoods and how their mom taught them about unconditional love.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 5

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

This Kid Script is an interactive story of The Good Samaritan told with popular nursery rhyme characters.

  • Actors: 4+
  • Minutes: 7-10 minutes

Riches or Relationships

A young brother and sister visit a family counselor to talk through what went wrong and fractured their family.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 8-10 minutes

Approaching the Father

Jesse and Jordan need something from their father but are reluctant to ask. A humorous illustration of why we sometimes hesitate to go to God with our needs.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Big Lessons in the Big Apple

How cool would it be if your grandmother owned a hotel in New York City? Casey, Jack, Samantha and Ben are just that fortunate and get to visit Grandma Ethel and Grandma Agnes in the busy Big Apple! They are in for some fun and adventure and also learn some valuable lessons about love, trust and helping others. This collection includes 3 scripts, and 3 videos (with and without narration) that support the script program. Great for a 3 day VBS or Childrens Camp.

  • Actors: 6
  • Minutes: 12-18 minute each

Stirring Up The Animals

It’s late at night in the barn and the animals are all excited! A baby was born and they were there to greet the newborn King. This script is perfect for your Christmas Eve service or for a Children’s Sermon.

  • Actors: 5
  • Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Shoot the TV

A father decides it’s time to do something about the TV after he finds himself having to explain adultery to his daughter while watching the World Series.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 6-8 minutes

A Back to School Prayer

The first day of school can be bittersweet. It means freedom for mom, but it also means another year has come and gone. In this script, a mom talks to God about how fast time flies and asks for help making the most of every moment.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

The Nightly Rumble

A family dinner turns into a WWE wrestling match in this script about family, arguing and peace.

  • Actors: 7
  • Minutes: 6-8 minutes

Dear Dad

This sincere monologue puts words to the feelings so many of us have for our fathers but aren’t always great at expressing.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 2-3 minutes

Just Like You, Mom

Have your Moms pulling out their tissues and ruining their mascara this Mother’s Day with this sweet Readers Theatre script spoken by children.

  • Actors: 3
  • Minutes: 1-2 minutes

Dear Mom

Being a mom is one of the most thankless and difficult jobs there is, but hopefully this monologue will give the amazing moms in our churches a small glimpse into how much they are appreciated.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-5 minutes

What Are The Odds?

A married couple is about to take the next step in their journey to parenthood, but not without some apprehensions.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 6-8 minutes

Small Talk

A humorous reminder that oftentimes people are watching us.

  • Actors: 2
  • Minutes: 3-5 minutes

A Letter for Dad

A teenage boy reminisces on fond memories of his dad as he writes a letter for Father’s Day.

  • Actors: 1
  • Minutes: 3-4 minutes