Curt Cloninger Scripts

An explanation of Easter.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Two angels reminisce and relive the glory days of one of their first nights, "The Big One," the night when Jesus was born.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 5-7 minutes

This Readers Theatre expresses gratitude for the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy as a nation, but more importantly for the freedom and mercy granted to us by a loving Savior.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 1-2 minutes

Three men reflect on how their fathers taught them to dress…and live.

Actors: 3 males Minutes: 7-9 minutes

It’s so easy to think that because we have hard times in our life that God doesn’t like us, that He just sits up in the heavens and merely tolerates us, when all along He’s absolutely crazy about us.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3-5 minutes

A family receives their yearly fruitcake from a dear-old aunt, but never opens them. This year they discover they’ve been missing the real gift.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 5-7 minutes

A chance conversation between Nancy and Marci in the workplace reveals that Marci is struggling with issues from her past. Will she find a way to put them down?

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3-4 minutes

A high school student (boy or girl) has a meeting with his English teacher who is flunking him because he (the student) always has a Christian slant to everything he writes in class. This piece can be used in conjunction with “<a href="">Flunking Life</a>”, a follow-up piece.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3-5 minutes

A young couple, madly in love, approaches a crusty old Judge about getting married. After some grilling, he finally consents to marry them. After giving them some VERY scary vows to repeat, they decide that maybe they’d rather not get married after all.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 6-8 minutes

A very tired teenage boy narrates his own actions, simply telling his story of struggling to hear the voice of God in his noisy world.

Actors: 4 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

A man, speaking directly to the audience, tells how Jesus delivered him from Demons. This is a retelling of the story from the Gospels.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

A teenage girl returns from a youth retreat to find her drunken father asleep in his easy chair. She must decide what to do with him, and choose rather to love him or not.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 6-8 minutes

A husband comes home to discover his wife, who has had an affair, about to leave. He challenges her to stay, to receive his forgiveness and love.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Mr. Johnson, a retired English teacher, walks into the office of Paul Clark, a newspaper editorialist. Mr. Johnson taught Paul twenty five years earlier, and flunked him because he wrote compositions about Jesus. Now, Mr. Johnson comes to Paul, seeking his advice on life. This script is best used in conjunction with “<a href="">Flunking English</a>."

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Jane Dillman runs into Death sitting on a commuter train. Death has an over inflated view of himself and does his bumbling best to scare Jane. Jane, who knows the One who has defeated death, is not taking the bait.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 6-8 minutes

A husband and a wife, both speak directly to the audience, as to one person. They are both telling their side of the same story. This should have a fast-paced “Reader’s Theatre” (yet memorized) feel to it.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 4-6 minutes