Duet Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • Psalm 139

    Psalm 139

    Sometimes we believe that God just tolerates us because of all the “yuck” in our hearts. In this script, Tommy and Eddie more

  • What a Father

    What a Father

    This is the story of the Prodigal Son told from the perspectives of two brothers. more

  • A Mommy’s Prayer

    A Mommy’s Prayer

    As moms, we are the hardest on ourselves with how we think we’re doing. In this skit, a mother and her child have two very more

  • The Mom Song

    The Mom Song

    Tommy and Eddie deliver a special Mother’s Day message, but Tommy gets a little carried away in song. Perform more

  • Grace


    After his resurrection, Jesus offers grace to Peter and gently confronts him about his mistakes, his purpose, and what comes next. more

  • Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve

    The world’s oldest and most cherished love story just got a little bit awkward. more

  • Dude, That’s Nothing

    Dude, That’s Nothing

    Two friends try to top each other with their experiences of knowing Jesus. more

  • All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day

    All Wives Want for Valentine’s Day

    Two wives have a message for their husbands about what they really want for Valentine’s Day. more

  • Cupid: Matchmaker or Menace

    Cupid: Matchmaker or Menace

    A talk show host has a popular guest with a big announcement- Cupid is retiring. But when “Cupid” gets a chance to explain, more

  • Date Your Mate

    Date Your Mate

    A date night reveals that being connected to the outside world is killing their connection to each other. more

  • Fan vs Follower

    Fan vs Follower

    While a “fan” of Jesus only wants to be in the fan club as long as Jesus is doing something spectacular, a follower marvels more

  • I’ve Got Joy

    I’ve Got Joy

    Here are four scenes of people who live without joy and need to find it in their everyday lives. more

  • It Starts With Me

    It Starts With Me

    Two friends have an exciting weekend at a football game and a rock concert, but when it comes to church on Sunday the excitement seems more

  • I’m So Tired

    I’m So Tired

    In this skit, Actor 2 is tired of living the Christian life and trying to be good all the time. But Actor 1 asks the question, more

  • Hypocrite


    Two girls are talking about how hypocritical people in their youth group are while demonstrating the “fine art” of gossip more

  • This Resolution’s Too Tight

    This Resolution’s Too Tight

    A woman has a difficult time making commitments and sticking to her resolutions. But when she tries to return her latest resolution to more

  • Heard On High

    Heard On High

    Two angels reminisce and relive the glory days of one of their first nights, “The Big One,” the night when Jesus was born. more

  • Your Thanksgiving Inventory

    Your Thanksgiving Inventory

    There are many ways to count your blessings this Thanksgiving. This script illustrates the importance of doing a quick inventory of all more

  • All Mom Wants For Thanksgiving

    All Mom Wants For Thanksgiving

    Two moms take a moment to express their excitement for the Thanksgiving holiday, full of fun family memories…well at least for one more

  • Christmas Eve Opener

    Christmas Eve Opener

    This is a fun way to start your Christmas Eve service and to get your congregation warmed up a for a time of celebration. more

  • Find Your Center

    Find Your Center

    Two women have entered a canoe race for a charity event. One is experienced and the other…not so much. Once the inexperienced more

  • Joseph


    Joseph was his father’s favorite and his brothers resented him for it. But God had big plans for this little brother. more

  • Ruts


    After getting his car stuck in a rut, a husband begins to realize that his marriage is also stuck in a rut…but some ruts are good more

  • The Prodigal

    The Prodigal

    Through the eyes of both father and son, one of the most powerful of Jesus’ parables comes to life. more

  • Plank and Speck

    Plank and Speck

    A lawyer serving out a community service sentence criticizes and judges the recipient of a charity home as lazy and self-centered while more

  • Truth or Inconvenient Truth

    Truth or Inconvenient Truth

    This skit examines the difference between standard truth and Jesus’s truth and our reaction when faced with the sometimes more

  • The First Day

    The First Day

    A mom is having a hard time letting her “little boy” go off to school and reflects on how fast time flies…especially when her more

  • A Teacher’s First Day

    A Teacher’s First Day

    A new teacher is reconsidering her career choice after a very rough first day of school, but a wise custodian talks her off the ledge. more

  • God Card

    God Card

    This skit talks about the frequency with which people misappropriate their actions to God. We have a tendency to let God bear the more

  • What’s Missing?

    What’s Missing?

    A series of examples and questions to cause the listeners to consider if there is a void in their lives and to consider Jesus as the more

  • What If?

    What If?

    A series of questions proposing what would have been missed if the shepherds had used excuses to not visit the baby Jesus. Those more

  • Dad vs Bike

    Dad vs Bike

    A Dad gives up on the directions that came with his child’s bike the night before Christmas as the Mom draws the parallel that God more