Growing Up Scripts

The fall semester has begun, and VU has a new freshman class! Meet the new students, hear about where they were previously rooted and why they decided to attend Vine University! This VU episode reminds us that as we move forward, it’s helpful to remember the faithful generations that have gone before us.

Actors: 14+ Minutes: 5

Join Ivy as she steps foot on the VU campus for the first time and meets her lively roommate! Eager for a quiet start to the year, Ivy quickly realizes VU may not be what she was expecting. Mandy helps Ivy understand that although we need to remember where we came from and the work God has previously done in our lives, it’s good to embrace new and exciting God-given opportunities.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 5

Is there a difference between hearing and listening? Tom’s about to find out. Join the VU students as they learn the importance of silencing their voices and listening.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 5

It’s time to say goodbye for the summer and Mandy is afraid of losing touch with all her friends. This episode of VU reminds the students of the importance of staying connected to the Vine.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 5

It’s time to celebrate the end of the year! But a food fight is inevitable if Tom’s not going to share the cake! In this VU episode, Tom is reminded of the importance of community and sharing the celebration of achievements.

Actors: 8 Minutes: 5

It’s Professor Pumpkin’s first BIG exam and Tom sleeps right through it! Will he ever pass his freshman year? Join Tom as he realizes the importance of staying connected and committing to continual growth.

Actors: 6 Minutes: 5

Cheerleading tryouts didn’t go the way Mandy had planned. Being cut from a squad is painful; like pruning it can either discourage us or help us grow. Join Professor Pumpkin as she explains to Mandy the necessity of pruning.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 5

As the students end their final day on campus they run into some Alumni of VU. Join these freshman as they close their year out by being reminded that they will always be connected to the VU community.

Actors: 8 Minutes: 5

Two lambs are ready to graduate and leave the flock. One is too anxious and the other is too excited. What happens next reminds them that they have a Shepherd for a reason.

Actors: 5 Minutes: 5

Three Mothers, of all ages, muse on memories of their children from the past and present and the ones that may be yet to come as they reflect on what a beautiful burden motherhood is to each of them.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 3-5 minutes

A father marvels at how fast his daughter has grown up as she prepares to graduate from High School.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 5-7 minutes

As he graduates from high school, Ben wonders if he will become yet another person who graduates from his faith as well. But the “cloud of witnesses” who have poured into him throughout the years is there to remind him that he doesn’t have to be just another statistic.

Actors: 7 Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Three friends have just graduated from High School and sit around discussing the future. These friends all think of success in different ways. Only one seems to have a responsible look at the rest of his life.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 8-10 minutes

In this moving monologue, a young man named Dave wrestles with the need to find redemption and to forgive himself.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 5-7 minutes

Friends from childhood, David and Steve tell each other everything...well almost everything. It isn't until years later that David feels the weight of not sharing the most important thing with Steve: his faith in Christ.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 10-12 minutes