Peace Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Tom and Kate have been spending too much money and quickly figure out that their lack of peace is the root of their problem. This more

  • Riches or Relationships

    Riches or Relationships

    A young brother and sister visit a family counselor to talk through what went wrong and fractured their family. more

  • The Nightly Rumble

    The Nightly Rumble

    A family dinner turns into a WWE wrestling match in this script about family, arguing and peace. more

  • Leaky Cups

    Leaky Cups

    This is a sobering visual at how we try and fill up our lives with things that will never really quench our thirst. more

  • I’ve Got Joy

    I’ve Got Joy

    Here are four scenes of people who live without joy and need to find it in their everyday lives. more

  • My Christmas Chaos

    My Christmas Chaos

    A frazzled young woman struggles with the disenchantment that can come when our holiday expectations don’t align with reality, and more

  • Have No Fear

    Have No Fear

    A woman meets Fear and gently clues him in to his inability to affect her in this hilarious glimpse at how Christians should deal with more

  • Getting Dressed

    Getting Dressed

    Three men reflect on how their fathers taught them to dress…and live. more

  • Shoe Department

    Shoe Department

    We spend our lives trying to figure out what God’s will is and what is the purpose in our lives, when all along God just wants us to more

  • A Father’s Conversation with the Father

    A Father’s Conversation with the Father

    A father talks to his Heavenly Father about what it takes to be a great husband and dad. more