Peer Pressure Scripts

Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event.

  • Amazing Oddities

    Amazing Oddities

    A whimsical look at the circus of High School and the pressures students face to give in to pre-marital sex. more

  • Halloween Masks

    Halloween Masks

    Four teenagers at a Halloween party can identify with the masks they are wearing more than they realize. more

  • The Dance

    The Dance

    The dilemma of a popular young boy to act as Jesus would at “The Dance.” more

  • Addictions (Youth Version)

    Addictions (Youth Version)

    Sometimes Christians are the worst at being…well…Christians. This sketch is a powerful reader’s theatre about how we can delude more

  • Breakfast Club

    Breakfast Club

    This is a powerful adaptation from the movie, The Breakfast Club. Five students from different walk of life open up about their more