Script Scripts

When it comes to what you’re thankful for, is it things that are temporary or things that are more eternal that come to your mind first?

Actors: 2 Minutes: 1 minute to 1:30 min

This is a Reader’s Theatre based on the video “Cards You’ve Been Dealt”. We’ve all been given painful situations in our lives, but how will you respond to the hand you’ve been given?

Actors: 4 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Three very different sisters and their families spend Christmas (or Thanksgiving) together, personalities clash, and some things never change.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 8-10 minutes

What do you do when you’re 4-years-old and you’re convinced that there’s a Booger Monster under your bed? You call for Daddy to come and save you! In this skit, a son has a Booger Monster problem and finds that his Father is near and will always be there to protect him.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 7-10 minutes

A man wrestles with giving up old habits and secret sins while pretending to be the man he truly wants to be on the inside.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

A student faces hard choices with friends she encounters throughout her day. Will she choose to follow Christ’s example?

Actors: 5 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

It’s so hard to know what’s true and what’s false with today’s media gossip. “Trustworthy” news programs seem to become more and more like gossip magazines. Here’s a look at how it can affect us in our everyday lives.

Actors: 8 Minutes: 5-6 minutes

Where did all or our time go? Here an actor spends some time trying to figure out where God fits in to her life.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

Where did all or our time go? Here an actor spends some time trying to figure out where God fits in to her life.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 4-6 minutes

There is a season in everyone’s life of walking through the valley. Even though it is in our nature as human beings to want to fix things, sometimes all that is needed is our presence.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 2-4 minutes

This play begins by portraying the typical “manger story” telling of Christmas in a sort of tongue in cheek way. A Wiseman is picking his nose, the shepherds are “baaaaing” too loudly and Joseph almost drops baby Jesus, to name just a few. The audience is led to believe that they are actually watching what they came to watch. But soon the action turns not to the Christmas pageant play they just witnessed but to the players and what Christmas Eve looks like in their homes when the show is over and exactly where the Christmas spirit can be found when the manger is put into storage for another year.

Actors: 10 Minutes: 25-30

Just like a loving father treasures small, simple moments with his son or daughter, so does the Heavenly Father with his children.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 2-3 minutes

Can you imagine being in a gourmet restaurant and ordering a big juicy steak, but once the food comes you admire it and then get up and walk out without eating it? This script is an illustration of how we treat Scripture. We read it and savor it, but often walk away from it without applying it to our lives. This skit works best as a sermon illustration.

Actors: 3 Minutes: 3-5 minutes

It doesn’t matter what kind of Bible you read…just as long as you read it.

Actors: 2 Minutes: 3-4 minutes

Three men reflect on how their fathers taught them to dress…and live.

Actors: 3 males Minutes: 7-9 minutes

A dad shares his true feelings about his child graduating from high school.

Actors: 1 Minutes: 3-5 minutes